Finding Balance in Fall

ON October 18, 2019
Finding Balance in Fall

with Sara Saberi

As mother nature brings changes to the weather, our bodies and minds are influenced by the rhythm of transition and we must strive to find balance in the fall season. For example, our skin gets dry and rougher, our minds tend to wander more often, and our joints feel discomfort. At times the effects imbalance us, yet they can easily be remedied by bringing balance with mindful living.  

Ayurvedic principles tell us that the Fall seasons’ qualities are light, dry, cold, and windy. In order to balance these qualities in our bodies and minds, we need to bring in oiliness, warmth and routine. 

Take the time this season to embody grounded earthly qualities. 

Gifts to Our Bodies:  

Yoga Practice

  • Make sure to do joint warm-up exercises at the beginning. 
  • Long holds in standing postures are your friend in this season. Connect the earth with your body as much as you can.
  • Add some Restorative Yoga postures with deep breathing.  
  • Avoid switching your postures quickly. Connect, pause and feel each posture before you move to the next one.

Bath Regimes

  • You can purchase Vata balancing oil or use Sesame oil to massage yourself, either way remember to lay down in a patch of sun in your house or take a warm bath right after your skin absorbs the oil.
  • Take a warm bath with a few drops of Lavender oil or any kind of relaxing essential oil.
  • Make sure to dry your hair after shower or bath and keep your head, neck, and feet warm.


  • During this season, our food is better served warm or hot. Include lots of Soups, Stews, and cooked vegetables in your diet.
  • Say no to cold drinks. 
  • Do you like ginger tea? It’s time to love it 🙂
  • Add oiliness in your diet with healthy high fat food like nuts or Ghee.
  • Drink warm Golden Milk every night to help the health of your joints during this season.
  • Having your routine coffee might feel good in this season but it is not beneficial because coffee’s qualities are light and dry. Try to avoid those qualities in this season, as much as you can. Replace coffee with a delicious concoction of Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger Indian Chai or any kind of tea. 

{Are you looking to go deeper into changing your lifestyle and synch with nature? I highly recommend Melina Meza’s new book, Seasonal Health and Wellness, available in our boutiques at Namaste.}

Finding Balance in Fall  Finding Balance in Fall

Finding Balance in Fall  Healing Grief | Journalling

Gifts for Our Minds:     


  • Generally, in this season we need to listen to more relaxing and grounding music like this or this.
  • Follow  Namaste Music for Autumn on Spotify, I made this especially for you! 


  • 20 minutes of Meditation every day is always beneficial but even more in this season. Try to open time in your schedule for that.
  • Morning or evening journaling is my favorite. I love throughout everything from my mind  into the paper without thinking. I enjoy morning journaling the most because it helps me to see how much left over though I’m carrying from a day before that are useless.  
  • There is always a place for mindfulness practice in our life, it can be mindfulness eating, cleaning or driving. Try to fully focus on exactly what you’re doing, without being in the past or the future.


  • In this cold season, kindness to ourselves and others is the best way to bring warmth to our lives. In order to have a sustainable self-care, we need to have/bring balance to our environment with caring and kindness to others. This kindness can go toward your co-worker, those without a home in your neighborhood, or your family/friends.

Drops of kindness come together and suddenly they become an ocean.

Sara Saberi is one of our super knowledgeable front desk associates. She is a Yoga teacher/practitioner, musician and performer from Iran. Sara sees wellness as the balance between mind/body and other humans/nature…Her favorite way to make every day sacred is through morning meditation and journaling, late afternoon yoga or pilates, and mindful doing. Her emoji of choice is ❤️. You can learn more about her and her musical endeavors on her website.

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