Find the Perfect Yoga Mat: A Quiz!

ON January 2, 2015
Find the Perfect Yoga Mat

Finding the right yoga mat can be tricky – even for a pro yogi. As the new year approaches fast it often prompts us to re-evaluate the material items in our life (and more commonly the non-material…but we will get to that later!). If you are in the market for a new mat, take this quick survey to align you with the right style and brand for a painless shopping experience. Grab a quick piece of scratch paper and a pen and let’s get started!

How often do you practice yoga?
a. Once a month
b. Once a week or more
c. Every day

Do you plan on increasing your practice in the future?
a. No
b. Yes
c. Maybe

Is it important that your mat be made of eco-friendly materials?
a. Yes
b. Yes but other things are important also
c. No

Do you prefer to keep your mat in the car?
a. Don’t care
b. No
c. Yes

Do you have patience to break in a mat?
a. I’m busy and just want the mat to work
b. I can’t stand slipping for a second
c. I’m patient if the end result is worth it

If you answered mostly A, try a Barefoot mat! They are eco-friendly and purse-friendly. A great first mat that will keep you sticking to the floor.

barefoot yoga mat

If you answered mostly B, Jade is for you, through and through. It is made of all natural rubber harvested sustainably. Because of this it is quite heat sensitive, so you can’t leave it in your hot car or laying out in the sun. It comes in two weights, so if your knees need a little extra cushioning, go for the thicker version.

yoga mats

If you answered mostly C, check out the Manduka mat. They are the heavyweight of mats. They have a lifetime warranty, but take a little time to break in. The effort is worth it, as long as you don’t mind carrying something a little heavy. They will be there for you when your asana takes you deep.

yoga mats

PS…Don’t forget a mat bag!

Visit any of our three boutiques or give us a call so we can put aside your favorite new mat. 

yoga mats

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