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ON January 18, 2019
Yoga Teacher Q+A with Ada Lusardi

Yoga Teacher Q+A with Ada Lusardi

Ada teaches weekly public Hatha Level 2-3 class on Saturdays at Namaste Berkeley from 8:00-10:00am. Every first Saturday of the month includes myofascial rolling, so don’t miss out on that. We caught up with Ada on her intentions and inspirations for the year ahead.


Q: Did you make any New Year resolutions or intentions? If so, can you share with us?

A: Each year I set an intention for what I hope to impart to my students for that year. This year I want them to feel the uniqueness of their bodies move, specifically how their joints are shaped and are meant to move. This is different for every individual. Once this way of feeling is honed in the asanas we can make the best choices for ourselves and reduce the risk of overuse and injury by moving in concert with the shape of our bones. The science of human anatomy, once learned, never goes away as we’re living every moment in its’ glorious expression.


Q: Will your practice be useful in these intentions / resolutions? If so, how will you use it?

A: My practice on the mat is where my teaching is born. Moving from my natural architecture is the foundation of my personal practice and teaching.



Yoga Teacher Q+A with Ada Lusardi


Q: Do you have any inspiring advice or quotes for our students in the new year?

A: “The greatest thing we can do is to help someone know they are loved and that they are capable of loving.” ~ Fred Rogers


Q: Can you recommend one inspiring book or podcast?

Q: Can you recommend any nice winter self care rituals?

A: I use my neti pot daily, especially when traveling, and use a homemade sea salt and sesame oil scrub in the shower a couple times a week to keep my skin glowing.

Everything starts with the feet and how we connect to the ground. Watch and try this mini foot exercise with Ada  to connect with the feet before practice.

Yoga Teacher Q+A with Ada Lusardi

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