Why We Love Dry Brushing

ON October 20, 2014

You wake up to misty morning dew and do your best to not hit snooze thinking how pleasant it would be to stay curled in your warm bed all day. This is the kind of morning that begs for warming self-care practices like a hot cup of lemon water and a stimulating dry brush routine! Never heard of dry brushing? Get ready to learn about one of your new favorite morning rituals.

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Dry brushing is a simple activity with incredible health benefits. With the help of a non-synthetic dry body brush, you take a few minutes to massage yourself from head to toe, sans water, usually prior to showering. One of your body’s largest organs and most important for detoxification is the skin. Responsible for a quarter of the body’s daily detoxing, your skin receives one-third of all the blood circulated throughout your body. This means it is usually the first also to exhibit signs of deficiency and imbalance. Dry brushing is the perfect way to aid your body in its detoxification process and helps as a quick warm up by kick starting circulation during chilly mornings.

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The benefits of dry brushing include:

  • Removing layers of dead skin that can lead to acne, eczema, or psoriasis.
  • Removal of dead skin leads to better circulation and increases your skin’s ability to discharge metabolic waste.
  • Better circulation means more blood flow to the areas you are brushing, increasing the electromagnetic energy and leaving you feeling energized for the day.
  • Circular movement made while brushing, paired with increased blood flow, helps stimulate nerve endings and the movement of fat leading to better muscle tone. 
  • Stimulation of your oil glands and hormones helps the appearance of skin leaving you looking more youthful and decreasing cellulite. 
  • Most important, the process of massaging your outer organ helps to cleanse your lymphatic system, leading to an immunity boost and less mucoid matter in your organs.

Dry brushing is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Here’s how:

Purchase a non-synthetic dry body brush. You can usually find one at your health food store or online. Be gentle on injured areas or places with skin irritations and the breasts.

  1. Start at your feet and begin by vigorously rubbing in circular motions. The tingling feeling may feel slightly awkward or uncomfortable at first, but it begins to become enjoyable as you body warms up.
  2. Slowly and intentionally work your way up the body, rubbing in towards your heart center as you reach your arms and back.
  3. When you reach the abdomen, spend slightly more time and rub slowly in counter-clockwise strokes.

When you finish, simply bathe or shower and for added benefits consider a self-massage after your rinse with healthy body oils like our EarthBody oils, coconut oil, or sesame oil!


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