What I didn’t know: A journey from Yogi to Teacher to Author!

ON May 26, 2014

by Kimber Simpkins

When I first showed up on my yoga mat many years ago, my heart was eager for the poses and the wisdom (Be patient with yourself, one of my first teachers said). My body couldn’t believe that I had finally found a place where the relentless barrage of criticism quieted. Finally I could see, like a ticker tape flowing just under my field of vision, how hard I was being on myself: “Kimber, you never do this right. Why don’t you stick to a diet? Why don’t you go to the gym more? What’s wrong with you, anyway…”

I had no idea that by noticing this habit of self-judgment, and applying gallon-sized jugs of lovingkindness balm to my body and mind, I would slowly undo the damage I’d done to myself through my teenage eating disorder. No one had ever mentioned that, along with flexibility and calm, as a benefit of yoga practice!

But that’s part of the powerful magic of yoga… it helps us find and heal the parts of our heart we keep hidden away.



I didn’t know that once my heart started to open, a loving yoga teacher was there, ready to reach out to others. I also didn’t know I would end up writing a book about my journey, one that I know some of you have read: Full: How one woman found yoga, eased her inner hunger, and started loving herself. And the surprises have continued to unfold this year, when after the book’s self-publishing release in Dec 2013, a publisher (New Harbinger, here in Oakland) approached me to buy the book. Thrilled, I said, “Yes, please!” As a result, the book is no longer available on the market, but will be republished in a revised form in March 2015, and available in bookstores everywhere! And since then, Full also won a 2014 Better Books for a Better World Silver Award in Body-Centered Practices from Nautilus Awards. It’s so cool! Some of my favorite authors, like Brene Brown and Jon Kabat-Zinn have won Silver Nautilus awards, too! Who knew this is where that first step onto my mat would take me? Who knows where your yoga practice will take you? As you keep showing up on your mat, let the magic unfold…

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