Clean Living: Simplify Your Life

ON March 31, 2017

Spring is the time to focus on CLEAN LIVING.

The first quarter of the year our monthly themes centered primarily around confidence. We honored our inner epicness, bathed in self-love, and cultivated courage in the face of uncertainty. Spring is here and with it new vibes for quarter two.

April, May, and June are all about living honestly. We’ve tapped into our inner power, now is time to awaken our purpose.
This is why we are starting off with a community practice focused on getting real about what matters.


Keeping with the theme, April will focus on simplifying one part of our life each week. Every week of April we will be emailing out journal prompts, tips, and advice on how to detox and simplify four areas of life: Space, Spirit, Body, and Time. 

Stay tuned for Monday when we begin focusing on simple ways to care for our bodies!

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