Style Drishti: Friday Dressing

Friday dressing is an art form. The vibe is casual, but office-friendly. Finding the right balance of this professional, casual stance is critical. But I will share a secret with you, and the secret is called a jumper. What is it about a jumper? I can tell you 3 things that make a jumper magic:

  1. A jumper requires no matching. Put it on and voila, all you need are some shoes and a little sparkle. Top and bottom taken care of in one fell swoop.
  2. A jumpsuit is a statement. Without even trying, you will look polished and put together and like you are ready to take it all on. Again, does this have something to do with the top and bottom already matching?
  3. The playful aspect of a jumpsuit adds just the right touch of casual. It’s not a dress, so you can be active and move easily, but it’s not skinny jeans either, so you will stand out from the crowd.

Featured here on Xandra:

IMG_4256Tina+Jo Cowled Short Romper. Tina+Jo is designed and manufactured in LA and their styles feature hand dyes and urban ease. Head into our September heat waves with an effortlessly fashionable romper and make Friday dressing your own.

Leslie Francesca  Half Moon Necklace. Add a little sparkle to any outfit with one of Leslie Francesca’s raw gem understated pieces. As a gemologist, Leslie starts locally with the perfect druzy quartz or gemstone, sometimes plates them with fascinating iridescent finishes, and has them set in metals to her specs in South America. Add a little sparkle to your Friday, because admit it, you are closer to the weekend than ever.

Tina + Jo available at our Berkeley studio, Leslie Francesca jewelry available at all locations.


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The Collective Tarot: The High Priestess

“Acknowledge the Shadows”

From the Wild Unknown Tarot

The High Priestess reminds us to take our moment of stillness and look calmly at all that lays before us. Perhaps this manifests as ten minutes of quiet sitting in meditation. Let there be some un-doing this week. A mantra to repeat: May I see clearly.

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Style Drishti: August Action

Feels like we are all dying to work out in the summer sunshine, so action is our muse this week. Fire yourself up in clothes that move and breathe, then take action and get sweaty. This week’s style focus will take you there.

Good hYOUman Purpose Crop Sweatshirt. Motivate yourself to live your life with purpose and positivity with Good hYOUman’s inspirational apparel. Good hYOUman is a US designed and manufactured lifestyle brand infused with intention.  This simple crop sweatshirt with the text Do all things w/ purpose will make you feel comfortable yet confident to take on anything that comes your way.

Omgirl Nomad Legging. Take on the remaining days of summer with ease while wearing the most versatile legging in the universe. We do not say this lightly! The Omgirl Nomad Legging with its attached skirt has got you covered (literally!). This pant can take you from yoga into the beyond – dress it up with a cute flowy tunic for nighttime. Since Omgirl recently went out of business, this is your last chance to get this amazing pant. We stocked up before they were all gone, and it would be wise for you to do the same.

Beyond Yoga Cut Out Cami. Accomplish your goals for the rest of summer with athletic clothing that makes you feel good about who you are. Beyond Yoga is an eco-friendly activewear brand based in Los Angeles. The Cut Out Cami is a staple workout piece with a cute back that can spice up or splash a pop of color into any outfit.

Good Hyouman styles available at Berkeley and Grand Lake boutiques. Omgirl and Beyond Yoga can be found in all of our shops!

alexandra-300static1.squarespaceBrought to you by Alexandra, Namaste’s finest intern, and Helene Cotton, Namaste Creative Director. We love a good photo shoot.





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The Collective Tarot: Six of Wands

“The more pressing question is, Where will you go with your new set of wings?”

From the Wild Unknown Tarot

Rise up and take flight, people! Now is the time to step into your truest self and leave behind the tough bits that got you here. Let this be our mantra for the week: May I be winged and soar.

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Style Drishti: The Waning and Waxing

Unbeknownst to me at the time of my choosing, the moon has guided me this week, rising slowly and shining brilliantly over our style feature. This outfit makes me want to meditate with the morning sun, and then dance under the moon.

Joah Brown Half Moon Tank. The clothing from this line might be the softest fabric I’ve ever experienced, and once you try one piece, it will be the staple of your closet. The clever structure of this Half Moon tank is breathable and flattering (see the cool back above left). I’m going to throw a good yoga bra on underneath and be ready for practice, then take this little tank out on the town.

Teeki Seven Crowns Bellbottoms. Take me out to dance under the moon, careen through the woods with a willow wand, or get deep in my practice with these dramatic and gorgeous pants. Teeki apparel is made from recycled plastic bottles, so this choice is greener than green.

Takara Halfmoon Necklace. This jeweler straight off the coast of Marin takes handmade silk peace thread from India, dips it in natural dyes, and hammers brass around it into the most beautiful shapes. Think of her halfmoon necklace as a symbol of of waxing moons for attracting positivity, and waning moons for forgiveness and letting go. That’s a mantra to get behind: Attract + Forgive.

Joah Brown styles are available at all locations. Other styles available at Namaste Berkeley, 2820 7th Street, Berkeley CA.

Helene Cotton is Namaste’s creative director and retail buyer. Swing by her office at the Berkeley studio and she will happily style you for your next big thang.

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Art as Meditation

What began as a project to free the mind from its artistic block has come to be like an ongoing meditation. After many years of commercial art, my artistic process had become so gummed up with the idea of what people might BUY that I felt incapable of creating from the heart. I had to find a way to switch gears. A friend had returned some art supplies I once gave to him, many years ago, and I decided I would use what I had and do a little watercolor on this attractive block of paper he had given me.

IMG_5557My premise was that I could do nothing “wrong” and that I would just continue to layer and layer watercolor and ink until something beautiful or meaningful happened.

At some point in the process, I started some canvases that were like little studies, with blobs of watercolor that I could draw on top of. I delved into circular patterns, triangles, moon phases. It turned out to be so fun that I plucked a stack of nice paper from my stash and just let the colors melt together in fascinating circles on small pieces of paper.

Water – color – drying. Lots of papers lying next to each other on my art table. It was very therapeutic.

IMG_5569IMG_5591After some overnight drying, I could draw on top of them and little mandalas came pouring out. I would draw a bit, switch to a new one, let it simmer, walk away, come back later. I often try not to think about the patterns that I am creating, I just let them evolve over time and flow from another place in my Self, not my thinking brain. Some are inspired by specific ideas, like Ayurveda or elements in various systems of belief. The process is very freeing – like taking a hike outside with the wind blowing through the trees and whispering in your ear.

IMG_5562After an inspired framing idea, they felt ready to share with the world. You can see these tiny treasures in person too — they have a home on the walls of Namaste Berkeley. Come in to take a peek or take one home for your own altar. Focus your mind on the center and let it spill outward. They are full of love and a symbol of the freedom we all deserve.





10423645_10152253194114051_3455534993665733593_nHelene Cotton is Namaste’s Creative Director, responsible for all of our beautiful graphic design and all three Namaste boutiques. Helene is an integral member on the Namaste team and one of our all time favorite humans.

Interested in learning more about Helene? Check out her amazing website

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Light Up Your Love’s Life! Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts


Valentine’s Day may not be loved by all, but it is a great opportunity to show the people you love how much you care about them. Here’s what the Namaste team is pining for….

Left to right, top to bottom:

Every girl needs a good scarf (or several) Add some pow to any outfit with these gorgeous and colorful, tasseled scarves from Subtle Luxury.

Be Fearless, Be Free, Be Wise and remind yourself of your powers with these sweet bracelets from Bauxo.

For the yogi who adores comfort, support and style, these Coobie bras have been flying out the door and come in the cutest colors and prints.

Free People is every girl’s dream come true (trust us) and we’ve got the coveted active line in our Berkeley and Grand Lake locations finally! Don’t miss the first batch of the movement collection!

Delight the senses with the five-pack of Earthbody’s travel sized body and massage oils. All we can say is, YUM!

Wrap up in softness and fringe with this amazing and versatile piece, a perfect pair with the Gossamer Zen yoga mat, printed on both sides for a fresh perspective every time you get on the mat. 

And most importantly, take time to tell everyone in your life how much love and gratitude you have for them!

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Style Story: Love Yourself

It’s raining outside (finally!), a sign to cozy up inside, both literally and metaphorically. This story is all about dwelling in kindness and love…This Valentine’s, be decadent and delicious with yourself (AND your loved ones).

These gifts for self (and sweeties), and much much more, available at the boutiques at Namaste.

Hold yourself dear. [Jewelry by Whitley Designs and Marit Rae, available at Namaste Grand Lake and Rockridge studios].
Delight in hot tea and a journalling session. [Rudrashka Mala wrapped on wrist by Saralua, available at all our studios]
Treat yourself. [Jewelry by Whitley Designs and Marit Rae, available at Grand Lake and Rockridge studios.]
Snuggle into the pillow pile. Give yourself a little squeeze. [Gorgeous bolsters, zafus, and zabutons by Chattra, available at Namaste Grand Lake.]

Your skin is a sponge. Let it soak up the good love. [Earthbody Massage and Body oils, set of travel size oils, available at Namaste Berkeley and Grand Lake studios]
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Find the Perfect Yoga Mat: A Quiz!

Finding the right yoga mat can be tricky – even for a pro yogi. As the new year approaches fast it often prompts us to re-evaluate the material items in our life (and more commonly the non-material…but we will get to that later!). If you are in the market for a new mat, take this quick survey to align you with the right style and brand for a painless shopping experience. Grab a quick piece of scratch paper and a pen and let’s get started!

How often do you practice yoga?
a. Once a month
b. Once a week or more
c. Every day

Do you plan on increasing your practice in the future?
a. No
b. Yes
c. Maybe

Is it important that your mat be made of eco-friendly materials?
a. Yes
b. Yes but other things are important also
c. No

Do you prefer to keep your mat in the car?
a. Don’t care
b. No
c. Yes

Do you have patience to break in a mat?
a. I’m busy and just want the mat to work
b. I can’t stand slipping for a second
c. I’m patient if the end result is worth it

If you answered mostly A, try a Barefoot mat! They are eco-friendly and purse-friendly. A great first mat that will keep you sticking to the floor.

barefoot yoga mat

If you answered mostly B, Jade is for you, through and through. It is made of all natural rubber harvested sustainably. Because of this it is quite heat sensitive, so you can’t leave it in your hot car or laying out in the sun. It comes in two weights, so if your knees need a little extra cushioning, go for the thicker version.

yoga mats

If you answered mostly C, check out the Manduka mat. They are the heavyweight of mats. They have a lifetime warranty, but take a little time to break in. The effort is worth it, as long as you don’t mind carrying something a little heavy. They will be there for you when your asana takes you deep.

yoga mats

PS…Don’t forget a mat bag!

Visit any of our three boutiques or give us a call so we can put aside your favorite new mat. 

yoga mats

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6 Great Holiday Gifts Under $40

[Branded tee is made locally by organic, fair-trade company Groceries. You can find all our branded gear at all three studios. Black Namaste Long Sleeve Tee $40]

We know that the holidays can be a stressful time and often finding the perfect gift for people only adds to the challenge. At Namaste we have three boutiques, each with their own unique inventory of special, locally made, thoughtful gifts. We wanted to ease some of your stress by offering our favorite suggestions for gifts under $40!

These are perfect for friends, co-workers, and anyone you love who you feel deserves something unique this year for the holidays:

EarthBody Sacred Skincare Travel Oils:

$10 Each (or $50 for 5-Set with travel case)

EarthBody Travel
These travel size versions of our EarthBody dry oils are the perfect gift for the person in your life who loves to indulge in self care. Each petite bottle is crafted with only the finest herbs and organic ingredients made by healers locally in EarthBody’s San Francisco Apothecary.

Pocket-Size Brass Deities: $24 and up

Small Statues
These small deity statues are the perfect stocking stuffer. Choose from a variety of styles and deities (including larger sizes!). Hindu deities are a great addition for a home alter and help to remind us of the yogic principles taught in hindu stories.

Sacred Ornate Journals: $12-24

For the writer in your life, these journals are not only beautiful but functional too. The medium sized versions come with beautifully detailed clasps that keep all your secrets locked inside the ornately decorated cover.

Delicate Gold Bracelets: $30 and up

When these bracelets first arrived everyone at the studio was in awe. They are a beautiful, finely crafted accessory that goes with almost anything. Both dainty and industrious feeling they are a great gift to compliment any style!

Colorfully Painted Ornaments: $16-25

Looking for a great gift for a holiday gift exchange or your favorite ornament lover? Check out these amazing, rich, colorful ornaments in all shapes and sizes. Not featured in the picture are also some awesome dreamcatchers to hang on your tree!

Palo Santo Mantra Bundles: $15

Palo Santo
Palo Santo is a wood which burns easily and is often used, much like sage, to clear out energy and harmonize a space. These sweet bundles are each etched with a special intention and come in packs of three in a burlap sack stamped with our signature logo. Trust us, they smell just as sweet as they look!

Ready to shop?

Come visit us or give us a call and we can put some things on hold for you!

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