Gifts for Yoga Lovers

(left to right clockwise):

B Yoga mat. We like to think of the mat as where all the good vibes from your practice are going. We have many brands and types of mats to choose from, and our staff can help you find the yoga mat that is right for your yogi’s  lifestyle. You can also click here for our mat guide.

Brass sculpture. Bring a little yogic inspiration into the home with a brass deity. There are so many to choose from, large and small, fat and thin.

Leading with Love. This special little book on yoga and spiritual activism is packed full of beauty and quotes to inspire daily.

Chattra bolsters. This gift is perfect for someone developing their home practice and wanting to bring some restoratives into their practice. These bolsters are handprinted with wood blocks in India, but designed locally in Marin.

Eye pillows. Darken the scene so you have a truly restful savasana. Our eye pillows are handmade in Oakland and filled with lavendar for a fresh scent.

Om brass wall hanging. Sweet little wall addition to the home or office.


(left to right clockwise):

House of Intuition candles (tapers or pillars)
Peace Love water bottle
CBD bath bomb
Made by Rheal concrete hands
Art&Soul sage bundle

Card Decks and Tarot Decks
Amethyst Druzy clusters
Knit gloves or headband
Curated selection of books
House of Intuition bath bombs (only $6!)

Our boutiques are full of so many fun and unique items. Please come by and find the perfect thing for your beloved yogi.

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Gift Guide for Self-Care

This holiday season, give the gift of self-care. Combine any of these therapeutic gift ideas with a workshop or massage, and you’ve got an instant win.

(left to right clockwise):

Lifeflower CBD infused massage oil. This delicious elixir for the skin is loaded with Vitamin E and all organic plant extracts to ensure complete relaxation and relief. Infused with jasmine buds, rose buds, lavender sprigs and chamomile buds, and spiked with a charged rose quartz. Several other CBD products from Lifeflower fill our shelves, including Roll-on oils, bath bombs (see below), Med sticks for extra strength healing, and body wash.

Sundara Muscle and Joint oil. Made with 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils of Basil, Camphor, & Clove. Sundara products are Ayurvedic, handcrafted, non-toxic, all-natural skincare line — they are “food for the skin.” We carry many offerings from the Sundara product line, including bath salts, hair products, and more.

Lifeflower CBD bath bomb Can’t say enough good things about the experience of settling into a warm bath with the therapeutic powers of CBD on your side. Maybe a cup of tea to sip on the side would just push it over the edge of goodness?

Chattra pranayama pillow. One of our favorite local vendors, Ann of Chattra has all her fabrics printed by hand with wood blocks by a family she knows in Jaipur. The fabrics are sewn into cushions in India, and then stuffed in LA into bolsters, zafus and more. Her pranayama cushion is long and slender, and meant to use lengthwise under your spine for a reclined pranayama practice. It is different from using a bolster under your back in that there is more room to fill your back body with breath and does not create as much of a backbend since it is not as high.

House of Intuition magic candles. Each candle is meant to assist with an energetic therapeutic opening, and is filled with intention. Also, once burned to the bottom, you’ll find a super charged stone or crystal at the bottom filled with your intention. Made in LA in small batches.


(left to right clockwise):

Ayur Ayurvedic Copper Bottle. Drinking out of copper has many benefits in the ayurvedic tradition, including improved immunity and digestion, increased metabolism, and arthritic support. Upgrading your drinking vessel to something beautiful will only make you want to drink more water, no better self care than that!

Omcali Body Oils. These ayurvedically inspired oils can be used for daily skin care. These same oils are used in our massage treatements and are made locally in San Francisco, with ingredients from Sonoma.

Sundara Bath Salts. Pretty himalayan salts in a festive container, perfect for gifting. Need to slow down a minute? A bath is highly recommended.

RAD self massage tools. These rollers, rounds, and rods from RAD are the height of self care. Roll out the stress and release sore muscles. Comes with great instructions on how to use on many a body part, plus tons of tutorials online make these tools worth their weight in gold.

House of Intuition bath bombs. These bath bombs were configured around specific intentions (money, love, abundance, etc). Put a little magic in your loved one’s stocking.

Shakti and Bhakti Coloring Books. Illustrated by a local Bay Area artist and chock full of deep yoga philosophy, coloring is a proven form of mindfulness and stress relief.

See you in our boutiques!

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Staff Faves in the Boutique

Summertime brings us fully out of our winter nesting to play in the sun and tromp through glorious nature. As we emerge into the light, our summer desires for brighter colors, thin breezy layers, and flowery scents abound. Here are the summer delights in our boutiques right now, curated by our sweet front desk coordinators.

  1. The Popcorn Poncho: Meet Linda, our front desk coordinator. She’s a firm believer that for this price, you should get two colors! You can’t go wrong with this easy-breezy layer that will bump up your cool quotient exponentially.
  2. Bamboo Halter Top: Seriously, it’s a staff favorite. You are likely to see 1-2 staff members on any given day donning this gem (see Cynthia, above!). It’s soft as a kitten, flattering in all the right ways, short and sweet for summer, and will help you show off your buff yoga shoulders. Pair it with anything high waisted for instant success.
  3. Copper Bottle: Set yourself up right to stay hydrated this summer with the prettiest copper bottle around. Plus, there are all sorts of Ayurvedic benefits to drinking from copper — such as improved immunity and digestion, skin/hair/nail health, arthritic support, disease prevention, and detoxification.
  4. OmCali Rose Hydrosol: You know when you walk by a rose and you have to stop and smell it? That is the essence of summer. Take home a bottle of summer distilled, with this deliciously scented product by one of our favorite local herbalist product creators. It’s perfect for a late afternoon lift — just gently spritz the face.
  5. Paula Carvahlo Token jewelry: Bracelets and necklaces with chunky links and hand stamped tokens are a fresh and casual addition to your summer fashion.
  6. Long Weekend: This book by Richelle Donigan and Rachel Neumann is full of the inspiration you need to create your next summer retreat. You know self-care is good for you, so make time for it. This book will fill you up with ideas of where to go, what to bring, and how to set aside time with friends.
  7. Hipstirr Pocket Belt: For all your summer festival needs — keep your shoulders free to tan. These locally designed belts have all kinds of secret pockets for holding your valuables while you are hands free.

Swing by any of our locations to shop our summer mix. Follow us on Instagram to see our newest products!


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Fashion Transparency

Fashion Transparency — No, I don’t mean mesh!

We live in a fast paced society where “new” is highly valued and the pace of production, in so many arenas,  is even higher. When it comes to fashion, we don’t often think of how the fast cycles of fashion and the drive for cheaper and cheaper products impacts and shapes the goods we consume.

The fashion world is taking this moment to honor the way that clothes are made by celebrating Fashion Revolution Week, a moment to pause and consider how companies can be more obvious about their manufacturing processes.

Here at Namaste we are thrilled to celebrate two lines that are quite thoughtful in their transparency.

Groceries Apparel

Built as a vertically integrated company, Groceries is doing everything in its power to forward its values based agenda. They make sustainable clothing while providing sustainable lifestyles for their employees. They cut, sew, and dye under one roof, operating their own factory in the US, thereby providing fair conditions to their workers and limiting the carbon footprint of their garments.  They use only organic and sustainable fabrics, like eucalyptus and hemp, recycled plastic, and organic cotton.Groceries shares the stories of its’ workers, their backgrounds and experiences, pairing lives and  faces to the products they create. They walk their talk, and we are proud to share their product line in our boutique.

“Doesn’t it just feel better to wear clothes that you know are made sustainably and in a safe environment for workers? For me it certainly does! When I heard about Groceries Apparel mission to value sustainability and honor their employees, I instantly wanted to try their products – and when I did it was a game changer. From locally sourced materials, to using vegetable dye, to 100% organic cotton, these products feel like something different, something that holds meaning and encourages one to ask the question of how products are made in an ever-growing, fast-paced fashion industry. To learn the stories of their workers was moving and inspiring – to know the background of their experience made the product feel all that more personal. To have been wearing an item knowing that it was in the hands of caring, honest, and hard-working people who are being treated well and valued, made all the difference. ” — Rhiannon Valdez-Bevan, Front Desk Coordinator (shown here wearing Groceries dress in black, and Groceries crop top in white with Project Social T wide leg crop pants)


Beyond Yoga

Dedicated to fashion transparency and ethics, Beyond Yoga is another brand we are proud to support. They believe in sustainability and strive to produce many of their garments locally in LA. “From the growing and harvesting of Pima Cotton to the final sewing and all the processes in between, our approach is always clean and responsible. All of our global partners are WRAP certified, an independent team of global social compliance experts who are dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing. We value the rights of workers and believe in fair and safe workplace conditions.”

Plus this brand is body-positive, makes super rad apparel for movement, and is much loved by our staff!

“I love Beyond Yoga!! When I finally bought my first pair, I quickly bought a few more because they felt soooo good! It has become my favorite yoga apparel company. Not only is the clothing well made, super comfortable and flattering, they are also a company I can trust. They ensure that what they are producing is sustainable, humane and environmentally conscious. I feel good on the outside and on the inside. Win-win!” — Bekah Andrews, Yoga Advisor (shown below in Beyond Yoga tricolor leggings and bralette)


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Boutique Styles: Spring Trends Now Landing

I’ll be honest – I love Spring for bringing the lightness into our wardrobes again! Let our skin warm with sun rays and the breezes tickle. Spring is the transition zone, so of course, don’t forget to carry your extra layer. Pieces landing now in our boutiques speak to the following trends:

Match Set: Yep. Matching sets and jumpsuits abound. You know the best part of this trend? Less decisions to make when dressing!
(Berkeley Studio Manager Kelsey Garden in new Patrons of Peace jumper (above) and maxi dress (below), available at Namaste Berkeley.)

Maxi and more: Maxi dresses are a thing, especially over tees. We’ve got both flying in to our boutiques.

Pattern: Pattern is a go. Get out of the black and grey wintery doldrums with some sweet flower patterns.
(Below: Yoga Instructor Rosy Schlussel in Gypsy Junkies blouse, Kelsey in Gypsy Junkies flare pant, available at Namaste Grand Lake)

Soft colors: Just think of ice cream colors – sweet and sweeter.
(Below: Rosy in Gypsy Junkies blouse, available at Namaste Berkeley)

More spring /summer trends to come! This is what the future holds:

The Stripe: Is it a nautical thing? The stripe in summer just always feels right.

Silhouette: The silhouette of the season is crop tops with wide legs. Think you can get with it?

 Helene Cotton is our Namaste Boutique Buyer and Manager. She’s keeping her finger on the fashion pulse for all of us, plus taking lots of pics with our community to share our offerings with you.

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Keepin it Rheal

Featured Maker: Made by Rheal

Products we carry: Cast hands, coasters, concrete vessels, votives

Materials: Cast concrete objects

From the moment I saw these hands, I knew they were perfect for our boutiques. They speak of offering, they beg to have some precious object placed in them for reflection, they provide the sense of the sacred. Please don’t let this precious product pass you by. Bring a set home and let it remind you of what you offer the world every day. Or what you want to offer the world. The hands are a beautiful metaphor.

The hands were just the first step on my path of finding Rheal, the man behind the hands. He is inspiring! He is a local Oakland maker, with a little backyard studio on the Oakland/Emeryville border. He is immensely inspired by material – it is what lights him up. Currently concrete is the material he works with most consistently, but he veers off into resin and glass as well. He creates molds to cast his concrete menagerie. The concrete is amazing because it lends everything a weight, a heaviness. The cast object is actually there, in reality. You can feel it and touch it and fill it and empty it and start again. It’s earthy and feels grounding to hold in your hands.

I can’t get enough of his work, but perhaps you need to know what to do with it? It’s sculptural, so just enjoy it. But also…. I’m going to make you a list:

• Put the hands on your altar and put a precious object in them. A stone, a crystal, a leaf, an air plant, a flower, something seasonal, something that you value, something that represents your intention.

• If you get hands without sparkly touches, they are food safe. Offer your guests a dash of salt. Set a unique table.

• His “vessels,” tinged with a touch of sparkle, can be filled with soil and succulents. (Perfect wedding table objects anyone?)

• Clean up your workspace and upgrade to a really nice pen holder.

• Use a set of hands as an incense burner. I purchased a roll of charcoal discs and I break a little piece off of one and put it in the hands, light it up, and then drop little bits of loose flower-y incense on it. It’s heaven and perfect to set the mood before a little home yoga class.

• Moon coasters for your moon party!

Made by Rheal products can be found at both our Berkeley and Rockridge boutiques. Support local artisans and local businesses and shop at Namaste boutiques!



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Summer Reading List: Volume 2

Stay Curious! Summer is a great time to catch up on your active desire to read more and be inspired. Here, we’ve collected some top yoga-relative reading from your fave teachers. So, before it’s too late, pick a book up from our boutiques or load up your kindle with some of these brilliant recs.

[bottom left] Carpenter: Richard Rosen’s newest book, Yoga FAQs. Local Yoga Legend, Richard asked his students what they wanted to know, and he answered! Its a fun, accessible and yet remarkably thorough — and profound — collection and everything we always wanted to know about Yoga, its past, present and future.

[bottom right] Domonick Wegesin: One recommendation:  Stumbling on Happiness, by Daniel Gilbert.  It’s more of a mindfulness book, but shares psychological insights into what makes us happy.  Insightful read.

[top left] Baxter Bell: I love the books by Stephen Cope, The Wisdom of Yoga, and Yoga and the Quest for the True Self, as well as Richard Rosen’s Original Yoga and his newest book, Yoga FAQ.

[top right] Julia Alexander: I would recommend poetry – invoking our imagination, reviving the inspiration, speaking the language of the heart…Hafiz, Rumi (of course), Rilke…Mary Oliver, David Whyte…

[bottom left] Nubia Teixeira: Gita Wisdom by Joshua Greene, Yogini by Janice Gates

[bottom right] Siri Peterson:  Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton, Disease Delusion by Jeffrey Bland

[top left] Vickie Russell Bell: The Mirror of Yoga by Richard Freeman, Yogabody by Mark Singleton (a controversial read!), Yoga FAQs by Richard Rosen

[top right] Claudia Florian McCaffrey: Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful, by Gurmukh, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and Baby Massage, The Calming Power of Touch

Heads down people!

Learn more about our amazing teachers here.

(Including Jaimi Patterson, featured in pics in this post.)

Shop local and visit our boutiques where many of these books are available for sale!



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Summer Reading List: Volume 1

Stay Curious! Summer is a great time to catch up on your active desire to read more and be inspired. Here, we’ve collected some top yoga-relative reading from your fave teachers. So, before it’s too late, pick a book up from our boutiques or load up your kindle with some of these brilliant recs. Keep reading below to find your next favorite page-turner.

[We’ve asked Namaste teacher Jaimie Patterson to model some of our newest summer styles available in the Namaste Boutique. Perfect for lounging around with your favorite book!]

Bottom Left: ELANA MORGULIS, LMFT, E-RYT: Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now was the first big game changer in my life. I felt soothed and transformed just reading it. As I moved more into clinical work with people in my studies of wellness and mindfulness, Jon Kabat Zinn’s Full Catastrophe Living was an informative, experiential read.

Bottom Right: JERRY GIVENS Art of Joyful Living, by Swami Rama. I often recommend this book to beginning yogis who want to know how they can take what they learn in the classroom out into their lives, answering the questions “how do I live like a yogi?” I find it to be inspiring while remaining grounded with layman practical advice for anyone at any stage of their practice.

Top Left: JILL LINDSAY: Living Your Yoga by Judith Lasater!

Top Right: AVA ROY: any and all of the poetry by Hafiz.

Bottom Left: ANNA LANDAUER: A Path with Heart by Jack Kornfield

Bottom Right: MARGI YOUNGYoga of the Subtle Body by  Tias Little, Light on Yoga!!  by Iyengar, anything by Dohna Farhi, The Inner Traditions of Yoga-Michael Stone (in tribute), Atlas of Human Anatomy by Netter, Yoga Sutras by Chip Hartranft

Top Left: SIMONA BALANTrue Yoga by Jennie Lee, When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron, Healthy at 100 by John Robbins

Top Right: REBECCA ROGERS:  Buddha’s Brain by Rick Hanson, Coming Back to Life (2014) by Joanna Macy, Trauma Stewardship by Laura Van Dernoot Lipsky

Heads down people!

Learn more about our amazing teachers here. (Including Jaimi Patterson, featured in pics in this post.)


Shop local and visit our boutiques where many of these books (and clothes) are available for sale!

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The Scented Life: Meet Tracy of White Sage Wellness

In the spirit of this month’s theme of community, and OUR Namaste community in particular, I wanted to share one local line of delightful products in our retail boutiques. This line is so local that it is created by one of our very own students.

Meet Tracy, the creatrix behind White Sage Wellness (formerly Apsara) and a long time yogi at Namaste.

White Sage aromatherapeutic products represent Tracy’s artistic expression of the healing powers of plant medicine. Each spray, oil or smudge wand is inspired by the seasons, cycles and elements of nature and intended as a ritual tool for mindfulness and creating sacred space.


“I have my products stationed throughout my home and use them frequently to remind myself to take mindful moments, to complement my yoga and meditation practice, for energetic cleansing and home cleaning.”

As a graduate of Namaste’s Yoga & Ayurveda teacher training last year, she weaves these philosophies along with nature & art therapy into her holistic counseling practice. Learn more about Tracy at

Shop local and support the members of our Namaste community! Learn more about our boutiques here.

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Take a Design Cue from your Yoga Studio

When you walk into the yoga studio and you get that special feeling — a sense of peace, or ease — what is it that creates that feeling? It could be the memory of savasanas past. But I have an idea that there are some design elements at play…Below are some design and decorating tips that we can take out of the studio and into our own homes, to carry the ease into our everyday existence.

  • Keep it simple, keep it spacious. Remember that less is always more, and leaves room for your thoughts and spirit.
  • Create a space for “intention” and place little reminders of beauty or happiness there. Like the altar in a yoga studio, create an intentional space to keep a few inspiring tokens on. Light it with candles sometimes.
  • Keep it low — integrating yoga bolsters and floor pillows into your decor provides for some fun recreation and feels like a more constant reminder of the life you want to live. Also — need a quick restorative? Grab that pretty bolster off your couch and just do it.
  • Choose meaningful art for your walls. A little daily inspiration goes a long way.
  • Scent is a powerful enhancer of experience and can bring you back to a remembered time and place. Keep a nice essential oil spray or palo santo on your altar to bring you back to that place of ease whenever you need it.
  • View it clearly. A little vista always sets the soul at ease. Set your furniture up with views to the outside, so that your soul can see what the future holds.

Check out our sweet boutiques at Namaste for some decor inspiration as you take charge of your spaces this Spring.

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