Gifts with Hygge

It’s winter, and the tone of the season is hygge — “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” Our boutiques have this feeling covered in spades. Meet some of our favorite hygge inspired gifts:

Gifts with Hygge

It is Well LA Crinkled Gauze Scarf

Designed, manufactured, and ethically made in LA, these small batch hand-dyed scarves are made of the softest gauze and have soft frayed edges. As a giant square, these scarves can be worn in many ways, simply draped around as a scarf, folded diagonally into a triangle for a cozy front point, or wrapped around and around and knotted. This company cares, and that matters to us. They give 10% of their proceeds to Generosity, a charitable organization that builds clean water wells in communities in need. This is a gift with a good deed behind it.

Up Level: Add to the earth friendly vibe with a cozy thermal top from our sustainable brand Groceries Apparel (see below).


Gifts with Hygge

Groceries Apparel Eco-Friendly Ponderosa Thermal

Designed, manufactured, and ethically made in LA, thermal comes with all the good juju of supporting a company with an eye for sustainability. Their fabrics are environmentally friendly choices, their dyes are eco-conscious, and their workplace is socially responsible. They make everything in house so there are no environmental costs to shipping fabric from place to place for different stages of production. We love their colors, fit, and style.

Up Level: Perfect the gift with a pair of leggings from Girlfriend Collective for the full on eco-friendly outfit.


Gifts with Hygge

Thankful Beanie

Manufactured locally in LA with some of the softest and most carefully sourced yarns around, this beanie will remind its wearer to keep being grateful, every day. Who of us doesn’t need that reminder?

Up Level: Throw in one of our Mizu brand Peace Love Namaste water bottles to stick with the gratitude theme and stay hydrated while playing in the outdoors.


Gifts with Hygge

Faux Fur Neckwarmer and Hand Warmers

Stay snuggly in style. With a multitude of colors and prints, you can embody your spirit animal wholeheartedly.

Up Level: Buy the matching set!

Neckwarmer: $33  Handwarmers: $33

Gifts with Hygge

Joah Brown Paris Crop

Throw this delicious crop over your leggings and long yoga top, or pair it with jeans for effortless comfort. We love Joah Brown as a brand for their attention to comfort and confidence, and their belief that one outfit should be able to take you from morning to night.

Up Level: Wears perfectly with Beyond Yoga crop tops for the workout below.


Gifts of Hygge

Chattra Pranayama Pillows

Add some comfort to your home with these beautiful embroidered pillows by Chattra. These long rectangular bolsters are intended (on left) to be used for pranayama practice (you can use them lengthwise behind your back for breath practice), but they are too beautiful to hide away. Add a little cozy comfort to your decor by using these as lumbar support on your couch (we have a number of different shapes for you to choose from, and they are all cozy, promise.)

Up Level: Buy a full sit set with a Zabuton floor pillow, zafu or half zafu, and pranayama bolster or full round bolster.

Pranayama Pillow $84 Half Zafu $69

Gifts with Hygge

Stitches Socks

These good feeling socks might have us showing our progressive side, but we couldn’t resist. Keep the tootsies warm and the vibes high with the wisdom of the heroes we admire, from Michelle Obama to Greta Thunberg to Gandhi.

Up Level: Add one of our new inspired Wall Tags for a well rounded gift of words.


Still need some more ideas?

Keep your eye on our blog for other great gifting ideas from our boutiques. Or swing by one or both of our locations, our front desk associates are happy to point you toward their favorite things.


Can’t decide? We have gift cards available online and in person in our boutiques, available in any denomination and applicable to any of our goods or services.

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Gifts for Lovers of Movement

Is your loved one a lover of movement? Our boutiques are packed full of delightful gifts, from clothing that provides freedom of movement, to yoga mats of all weights and widths, to rollers and balls to get the kinks out after your workout. As lovers of movement ourselves, here are some of our in-stock favorites.

Lovers of Movement

The Everyday B Mat

This is one of the stickiest mats we’ve ever used, and it is pure delight to practice on. The sticky nature of this mat will help you push into your fingers and feet for an energized and rooted practice. With its’ slight cushion, you’ll feel supported whether doing standing poses or practicing on gentler body parts like your knees.

Available in a suite of rich colors, this mat is our go-to yoga buddy.

Up Level: purchase a gift card for a 5 class pack of yoga classes! That’s the stuff that dreams are made of.


Lovers of Movement

The Jade Voyager Mat

Everyone’s got a favorite mat around here, but the Jade Voyager has a special purpose. It’s pretty much one of the lightest, most foldable mats on the market, and that makes it perfect for travel, vacations, and yoga retreats. You can fold it into a square and lay it flat in your suitcase. You can use it alone, (although it’s very thin so it doesn’t have a lot of cushion to offer), and it’s got all the great qualities of a Jade mat — think eco-friendly, nice texture, and grippy. Are you traveling somewhere that has mats available? You can also bring this lightweight travel friendly mat to layer it on top of another mat for a personal, clean and grippy surface.

Up Level: Throw in some other small yoga props, like a strap, block, or massage balls.


Lovers of Movement

Cork Yoga Block

Take your home practice to the next level with a set of eco-friendly cork blocks. Using props in a yoga practice can add a level of safety to the practice, helping to keep poses in alignment or keeping you from going too far into a pose. They can also be used in restorative postures where the practice is more passive and restful (Perfect after a long workout of bike ride!). Plus, bonus: made of earth-friendly cork, harvested by hand every nine years without having to cut the tree down.

Up Level: Add a book from our collection to encourage a safe and healthy practice over the long term. We recommend Yoga for Healthy Aging (by our very own instructor, Baxter Bell), or Yogabody by Judith Lasater.

$19.95 each

Lover of Movement

Cork Massage Roller

There’s plenty of massage rollers out there made out of foam and plastic, and while they may do the job, they lack both an aesthetic component as well as being eco-conscious. The B Release Roller hits the mark on both these fronts. For your loved ones who love to move, this massage roller is the perfect post workout release, or just a nice way to get some self love after a long day. Small and compact and aesthetically pleasing, this gift is perfect for your active friend or loved one.

Up Level: Purchase a gift card that can be used for our Roll + Release classes. It’s important to get a repertoire of all the moves.


Lover of Movement

Yoga Therapy Balls

Much like the cork roller, this set of soft self massage balls are a great addition to an active life. Getting into the little spots after a tough practice or workout helps to increase blood flow to those areas and aids in decreasing recovery times. These little puppies pack a great punch. If you’ve ever taken our Roll + Release classes at our Grand Lake studio, you know how much you want to take a set of these home afterward. There are endless ways to use these self massage tools.

Up Level: Pair with the roller mentioned above for the ultimate tools to work out the kinks. Another idea — throw in one of the Om Wellness CBD Epsom Salts for a truly therapeutic experience.


Lover of Movement

Apparel for Movement by Beyond Yoga

Your active girl is going to love any one of our high waisted leggings by Beyond Yoga. The softest, lushest, most comfortable styles fill our racks in a wide range of color options. We love this brand for their excellent fit, longevity after washing and wearing, the soft hand of their fabrics, and their truly flattering styles.

Up Level: How about a matching top and bottom?  Sets are all the rage in activewear right now. Or, we love how Beyond pairs with one of our other favorite brands in the boutique, Dazey LA tee shirts.


Lover of Movement

Apparel for Movement by Girlfriend Collective

We love Girlfriend Collective for their commitment to creating quality eco-friendly clothing out of post consumer recycled plastic bottles. If your loved one is both a lover of movement and a lover of the earth, the bras and leggings from this brand are a perfect fit. We carry these styles up to size XL.

Up Level: Pair with a matching yoga mat for a perfect practice.


Still need some more ideas?

Keep your eye on our blog for other great gifting ideas from our boutiques. Or swing by one or both of our locations, our front desk associates are happy to point you toward their favorite things.


Can’t decide? We have gift cards available online and in person in our boutiques, available in any denomination and applicable to any of our goods or services.

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Make 5 Minutes: Pranayama with Jerry Givens

Jerry’s teachings focus on balancing energy in the body and mind through the scientific sequencing of postures and breathwork. Join him here for a 5-minute Pranayama Practice to calm the body and clear the mental airwaves. Five minutes is a great and palatable way to start a daily practice. We waste more than that amount of time on countless daily tasks. Make these five minutes worth every second, the benefits abound. Find a comfortable seat, and press play.

5 minute Pranayama Practice

Jerry Givens is a 500-hour certified teacher of Tantric Hatha Yoga and Meditation. He began practicing in 2006 and has been teaching since 2008. With over a decade of experience working in corporate offices, running businesses, and leading culture at tech companies and small businesses alike, he focuses on bridging the gap between personal values and actions in the business world through corporate wellness programming. His methods are informed by both modern and ancient psychological models of Self-understanding.

Join him for his weekly public class offerings, monthly Yoga Nidra offering (you can use your class pass or drop in to attend), or his upcoming Connecting to Self Energy workshop.

Jerry’s Weekly Class Schedule at Rockridge studio:

Monday 7:30-8:45pm Yoga + Mindfulness
Thursday 7:00-8:15pm Yoga + Mindfulness (Sliding scale class)


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Meet Your Teacher: Sophia Mallie

Meet your Namaste Teacher, Sophia Mallie. As a former modern dancer, Sophia found freedom in her yoga practice from the struggle to feel good in her own body. Her classes are a dynamic mix of pranayama (breath practice) and vinyasa. Sophia encourages students to lead their own practice by listening to their body, cues and energy and challenging themselves accordingly. She believes that by turning off the brain we can let the wisdom of the body speak.

Meet Your Teacher Sophia Mallie

Read on to find out more about Sophia and what her own practice is like.

What inspired you to become a yoga instructor?

“I came to my first yoga class when I was pursuing a career in Modern Dance. Even though I loved to dance, I’d struggle to feel good in my own body and in my own skin. Yoga helped me find freedom in myself. Sharing this freedom with others feels like a responsibility I have in my life. I believe we are all here to help each other and lift each other up. The struggles from our past give us tools to relate and help others to heal. If I can help one person feel a little better from our time together on the mat, I can sleep soundly at the end of the day!”

Which teachers have influenced your practice?

“Stephanie Snyder, Jason Crandell, Kia Miller, Shiva Rae, and my teachers from whom I received my certification: David Life & Sharon Gannon.”

What does your yoga practice look like and how has it changed your life?

“My yoga practice evolves to support what my body needs. Since my body constantly changes, my practice changes too. It’s changed my life in so many ways! I’m way more kind to myself and others, much more focused and productive and more present for experiencing the moment, which holds so much and beauty and power.”

What is something you wish your students knew?

“Whatever pulls their heart most deeply. I want them to know it’s okay to follow, give energy to and make space for that thing.”

Are you a morning person or night owl?

“Sometimes both, but there’s something magical about the morning light.”

What is your morning routine?

“My morning routine starts with thinking of something I’m greatful for. Then Coffee. Then a combo of meditation/pranayama/prayer.”

What is your favorite thing about being a teacher?

“Listening to others by way of intuition.”

What are you involved with outside the studio?

I’m a singer/songwriter. When there’s time I’ll write songs and perform. I’m excited to be performing with Donna De Lory at the Marin Center on December 11th!

What is your go-to movement (asana, dance, hiking, etc.) that allows you to feel the most connected to yourself?

“I love simply walking around sunset time, and preferably near water. :)”

What is your favorite thing about the Bay Area?

The nature that is available to us from the redwoods to the ocean side cliffs.

What is your superpower?


Meet Your Teacher Sophia MallieSophia teaches Mondays + Wednesdays 4pm Vinyasa at Rockridge and Mondays 7pm Mindful Vinyasa at Grandlake.

She is very honored to teach at Namaste and to be connected to this rich community of students & teachers!

Sign up for class with Sophia here.

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Tips for Establishing a State of Gratitude

By David Schlussel

[This post first appeared on David Schlussel’s Blog: Live Better, Feel Better]

I’m so glad you’re even looking at this post. Thank you.

To help establish you in a deeper state of gratitude, I have a few questions for you: What’s the difference between actual gratitude and the word “gratitude”?

What is the feeling sense?

How grateful are you for how well your life is going at this moment? That you currently have the health and resources and time and lack of other trauma to be in front of a computer reading this? Seriously. Life could be much, much worse, right? Things are okay, right? Pretty good in fact, relatively. Of course things could be much better, but that’s for later. Gratitude for current reality is the name of the game. Gratitude for now.

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve offered something generously, and felt genuine gratitude from someone; and we’ve all been on the receiving end of that exchange, and felt that genuine gratitude within us. What is that feeling?

We’ve all been on both sides of a situation where an offering was not fully met with gratitude. “Thanks” (said flatly) or “eww” or “is that it?” or “(silence)”. We know how that feels, yes? From both sides, yes?

When was the last time you felt it: actually fully received someones gift, especially the gift of their open heart’s availability to you?

When was the last time you felt fully received?

What creative ways have we found to not not receive people’s (or the earth’s) offerings? What else can push away that opportunity for gratitude?

  • taking it for granted
  • rejecting it as offensive
  • indifference
  • judging it as insufficient

And while all of these experiences are valid, it is not only possible, but feels really good to take a moment to experience gratitude for the gesture.

Taking it for granted: “Wow, air, I’ve been breathing you my whole life, forgetting what agony I would be in without you, how I would actually die within seconds if you weren’t constantly there for me. I’ve even polluted you without thinking twice about it more times than I can remember. When I put my attention on you I realize that every breath is blissful. (Inhale/exhale). Oh I am so grateful for you and this blissful breath of life we are together.” Or how about your partner, your job, your car, your parents, your kids…..

Rejecting it as offensive:
Swami Venkatesananda said something great: paraphrasing: “If we are a true seeker, looking to clear away our triggers, if someone does something that bothers us we can thank them for pointing out to us where we are unresolved, and where the rest of our work that we are so committed to is”: “Wow, judge, your letting a known sex offender and child pornographer go after raping a 13 year old really disturbed me. Thank you for reminding me of what’s really important to me that I’ve done nothing about. I’m going to do something about that, like make sure you lose your job, and make sure the world understands that 13 year olds are precious and should not be held responsible for their actions, and that those who take advantage of them do not get away with it.”

Indifference: “Hey lover, when you ignored my loving gesture, I felt hurt like I’d been abandoned. Thank you for helping me feel how I still cling to abandonment trauma, and the ways I do things to get approval, not just because they are good things to do. I can now work with that.”

Judging it as insufficient: “Thank you person I am not at all attracted to who is flirting with me, it is so beautiful of you to face any fears you have of rejection and approach me this way. I am flattered (pause to enjoy). And I also am not interested.”

We can experience gratitude without having to take everything that comes our way.

A powerful lesson in gratitude came from my nephew Helix at Christmas when he was about 5. He opened present after present, until he could find no more, and as any 5 year old would do, without thanking anyone for a single present, asked if there were more. I thought: why would anyone give you more presents if you don’t even appreciate what you have.

Of course I immediately thought about my own life, how many gifts I have and how rarely I actually appreciate them. Theres a way that when I feel like I don’t have enough money, love, attention, whatever, that feeling of scarcity and the closure that surrounds it keeps me from having the more that I desire.

And so I apply it in my yoga practice. Most powerfully in things like straightening my leg while hold ing my big toe, when lifting up to a handstand, opening to the splits, or any such yoga trick that once seemed impossible to me. I’d find myself attempting a posture and feeling that familiar blockage to my freedom and get so frustrated (so ungrateful) for my limitations, forgetting that they are there to protect me. Why would my body keep opening if I don’t appreciate what it’s already doing? I learned not to force past those blockages, but to be grateful for them: pause there to learn what my body was trying to tell me by seizing up, and guess what happens? My body opens further. My ingratitude held me tight where I was, my gratitude freed me up. Every time. In every way.

So I take this time to thank you for being in my life enough to get this message. I love that I get to feel heard on subjects that are important to me. I thank the earth for the enormous bounty it’s been offering every species in our divine cohesion since life began! I thank our nation and it’s desire to fiercely protect it’s citizens in a way that I have never lived in fear of war or famine, and can use that freedom to pursue loftier aspirations. I thank my family for holding me and raising me and nurturing me in all the ways they knew how, the best they could every day to this day. I am grateful to have this chance of a lifetime on earth as a human being to get to experience what life has to offer.

Have a wonderful day, week, month, year, decade, life!


David Schlussel is a yoga teacher, life coach, husband, and father. David experiences yoga as the practice of reconnecting with our wholeness. When we operate from our wholeness, we experience the incredible strength and flexibility that is our potential. David coaches his students from fixed ideas about what they can and can’t do, towards life as a playful exploration of possibility.

To contact David, email him at or visit his website:

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Recipe: Vegan Cashew Dip

Holiday season is approaching with a steady gait. Are you ready to entertain with some new tricks up your sleeve?

Our front desk adviser, Valerie, defines wellness as nourishing body, mind, & soul — this includes eating yummy foods that are good for the body, practicing yoga, meditating, singing often, taking time for herself, and having a healthy balance of work and play.

Grown from this inclination toward wellness and nourishment, Valerie has been spending time lately in her kitchen. She has been tinkering with recreating a dip that threw her into a happy tailspin. Having perfected this vegan delight, she is kindly sharing her trade secrets with us. Enjoy this nutty, smooth, tahini inspired dip and make a batch to share with all your winter-y holiday visitors.

vegan cashew dip recipe


2 cups raw cashews
1 cup water
1 tbs grape seed oil
1-2 lemons (about 5 tbs of juice)
1/2 cup cilantro
1 tbs nutritional yeast
2 1/4 tsp bragg liquid aminos
1 clove garlic
1/2 tsp tahini
1/4 tsp lemon pepper
1/4 tsp onion powder
1/8 tsp cumin
1/8 tsp garlic powder
pinch of paprika
pinch of chili powder
salt & pepper to taste


Place the cashews in a food processor or high powered blender for a few minutes on low speed until it turns into butter. Add all other ingredients and blend for 1-2 minutes until you have a smooth, creamy texture.

The beauty of this recipe is you can tweak the flavor however you like. Feel free to add other spices you love like chili powder for a little heat or a smoky paprika! Store this dip in the fridge until ready to serve. It’s a good idea to make this a day ahead of time so the flavors have a change to transform into something more harmonious with time.

vegan cashew dip recipe

Valerie Somoff, aka Val or Vally Berry, spends her time away from us at the student salon getting her hours for a cosmetology / barber license. Her daily rituals to make every day sacred include practicing yoga in the morning, lighting candles at night while drinking a cup of herbal tea, lighting sustainably sourced palo santo and sage, saying prayers at her altar, and keeping healing crystals both at home and at her salon station. The best advice she’s heard lately? “Learn to laugh at the chaos of human life.” You might see her in some of her fave Namaste classes, including Melina Meza’s Gentle Yoga, Hayley Ebersole Noon Flow, and Adam Meringolo’s Vinyasa. You can find her on Insta @feeldivinebeauty (stay tuned for updates!).

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Finding Balance in Fall

with Sara Saberi

As mother nature brings changes to the weather, our bodies and minds are influenced by the rhythm of transition and we must strive to find balance in the fall season. For example, our skin gets dry and rougher, our minds tend to wander more often, and our joints feel discomfort. At times the effects imbalance us, yet they can easily be remedied by bringing balance with mindful living.  

Ayurvedic principles tell us that the Fall seasons’ qualities are light, dry, cold, and windy. In order to balance these qualities in our bodies and minds, we need to bring in oiliness, warmth and routine. 

Take the time this season to embody grounded earthly qualities. 

Gifts to Our Bodies:  

Yoga Practice

  • Make sure to do joint warm-up exercises at the beginning. 
  • Long holds in standing postures are your friend in this season. Connect the earth with your body as much as you can.
  • Add some Restorative Yoga postures with deep breathing.  
  • Avoid switching your postures quickly. Connect, pause and feel each posture before you move to the next one.

Bath Regimes

  • You can purchase Vata balancing oil or use Sesame oil to massage yourself, either way remember to lay down in a patch of sun in your house or take a warm bath right after your skin absorbs the oil.
  • Take a warm bath with a few drops of Lavender oil or any kind of relaxing essential oil.
  • Make sure to dry your hair after shower or bath and keep your head, neck, and feet warm.


  • During this season, our food is better served warm or hot. Include lots of Soups, Stews, and cooked vegetables in your diet.
  • Say no to cold drinks. 
  • Do you like ginger tea? It’s time to love it 🙂
  • Add oiliness in your diet with healthy high fat food like nuts or Ghee.
  • Drink warm Golden Milk every night to help the health of your joints during this season.
  • Having your routine coffee might feel good in this season but it is not beneficial because coffee’s qualities are light and dry. Try to avoid those qualities in this season, as much as you can. Replace coffee with a delicious concoction of Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger Indian Chai or any kind of tea. 

{Are you looking to go deeper into changing your lifestyle and synch with nature? I highly recommend Melina Meza’s new book, Seasonal Health and Wellness, available in our boutiques at Namaste.}

Finding Balance in Fall  Finding Balance in Fall

Finding Balance in Fall  Healing Grief | Journalling

Gifts for Our Minds:     


  • Generally, in this season we need to listen to more relaxing and grounding music like this or this.
  • Follow  Namaste Music for Autumn on Spotify, I made this especially for you! 


  • 20 minutes of Meditation every day is always beneficial but even more in this season. Try to open time in your schedule for that.
  • Morning or evening journaling is my favorite. I love throughout everything from my mind  into the paper without thinking. I enjoy morning journaling the most because it helps me to see how much left over though I’m carrying from a day before that are useless.  
  • There is always a place for mindfulness practice in our life, it can be mindfulness eating, cleaning or driving. Try to fully focus on exactly what you’re doing, without being in the past or the future.


  • In this cold season, kindness to ourselves and others is the best way to bring warmth to our lives. In order to have a sustainable self-care, we need to have/bring balance to our environment with caring and kindness to others. This kindness can go toward your co-worker, those without a home in your neighborhood, or your family/friends.

Drops of kindness come together and suddenly they become an ocean.

Sara Saberi is one of our super knowledgeable front desk associates. She is a Yoga teacher/practitioner, musician and performer from Iran. Sara sees wellness as the balance between mind/body and other humans/nature…Her favorite way to make every day sacred is through morning meditation and journaling, late afternoon yoga or pilates, and mindful doing. Her emoji of choice is ❤️. You can learn more about her and her musical endeavors on her website.

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Chronic Pain and the Relaxation Response

What does it mean to take a yogic approach to chronic pain? Dena describes the concept here of the relaxation response and why it is so important to pain management.

Yoga for Chronic Pain and the Relaxation Response

What does it mean to take a yogic approach to chronic pain? Dena describes the concept here of the relaxation response and why it is so important to pain management. Learn more in her upcoming pop-up classes and workshops on Chronic Pain at Namaste.

Posted by Namaste Yoga + Wellness on Wednesday, September 25, 2019


The following video describes one movement exercise that is commonly used for those with chronic pain. Going gently into this pelvic tilt with breath can ease you to the edge of your pain response. For many folks with chronic pain, one or the other directions of this pelvic tilt may have pain associated with it. As Dena says, “Motion is lotion.”

The Pelvic Tilt for Chronic Pain

A therapeutic yoga exercise for those with chronic low back pain: The Pelvic Tilt with Dena Saedi. Curious about more? Join Dena on October 20 for her Yoga for Chronic Pain workshop at Namaste.

Posted by Namaste Yoga + Wellness on Monday, October 14, 2019


Chronic Pain and the Relaxation ResponseDena Saedi has worked as a yoga therapist (C-IAYT) and yoga teacher for chronic pain populations, seniors, cancer survivors, and veterans for the last decade. Currently Dena teaches yoga to chronic pain patients at pain management clinics in the Bay Area. Join her for her upcoming Yoga for Chronic Pain workshop on October 20, or for her regular public therapeutic yoga classes at Namaste. View Dena’s class schedule here.

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How this 40 Day Program will Nourish You

In October, Sariah Sizemore will offer a 40 day meditation and Kundalini Yoga program entitled 40 Days of Radical Self Care + Love. We thought you might want to get a better sense of exactly what this program is. No, you won’t meet every day for 40 days! But you will meet weekly in community and you will be given various tools and a meditation that you can practice at home on the daily.

40 Days of Radical Self Care + Love

This program with Sariah Sizemore will encourage you to create a sustainable program of self care and develop a holistic sense of "wellness" that you can apply to any aspect of your life: relationships, family, work, health, and more. Learn more:

Posted by Namaste Yoga + Wellness on Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Does this sound like what you need? Learn more and sign up here for this amazing offering. Program begins October 19, 2019!


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Meet Your Teacher: Lindsay Dombrowski

The newest addition to our teaching community, meet your teacher Lindsay Dombrowski.  As a former dancer and sometimes story teller, she has spent over a decade with yoga; first in New York City, later in Los Angeles, and now in the Bay.

How long have you been at Namaste?

I’m new to Namaste! I recently relocated to the bay.

What inspired you to become a yoga instructor?

The brazen confidence of youth? I was in my very early twenties in NYC and had some deeply feeling experiences with myself moving and breathing.

The newest addition to our teaching community, meet your teacher Lindsay Dombrowski.  As a former dancer and sometimes story teller, she has spent over a decade with yoga; first in New York City, later in Los Angeles, and now in the Bay.

Which teachers have influenced your practice?

Maia Heiss and Julia Planine-Troiani. I’m also inspired by what and how Nevine Michaan, Ada Lusardi, and Annie Carpenter discover and share. Annemaria Rajala is a favorite teacher to discuss all things yoga with…

What does your yoga practice look like and how has it changed your life?

It looks daily and continual. Right now, in terms of yoga asana it looks like ashtanga. I couple this with some restorative yoga when I’m taking good care of myself. Sometimes it just looks like sitting and breathing. I think the practice is the path we take towards understanding life. Life and death, really. And beyond.

What is something you wish your students knew?

We are all light beings having a human experience.

Are you a morning person or night owl?

Since aṣṭāṅga, morning person. Before, night owl.

Meet Your Teacher Lindsay Dombrowski

What is your favorite thing about being a teacher?

Being a student.

Do you have any go-to yoga and wellness books or podcasts?

Ramesh Menon’s modern renderings of classical Hindu stories

What are you involved with outside the studio?

Food. Family. Friends. Nature as much as possible. I’m a New Yorker at heart, so I am reveling in my first yard – planting things, watching them grow, eating them when applicable 🙂

What is your favorite thing about the Bay Area?

currently? Vik’s Chaat.

Lindsay DombrowskiCatch Lindsay on Thursdays at noon at Rockridge and Thursday 7:30pm and Saturday 4:30pm at Grand Lake. View her schedule and sign up for classes here.

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