Breathe Yourself Better

ON April 5, 2017

Pranayama is an amazing way to improve your life and detox your body. If you have ever practiced pranayama, either alone or in a yoga class, you’ve probably experienced the buzz that comes with mindful breathing techniques. Our respiratory system works directly with our nervous system to help calm or energize our bodies. Conscious breathing gives us more connection and control over our body so that we can use it’s benefits to our advantage.

Yogic tradition believes that alternate nostril breathing helps connect you to specific sides of your brain, the right hemisphere through the left nostril for example. By alternating between your nostrils, you increase your ability to access and nourish your entire brain. Full activation of your brain helps to improve sleep, calm emotions, increase creativity, and reduce stress.

Pranayama can be a little like meditation. We know we should do it but creating that power habit can be another story. There are plenty of online resources available if you are curious about a particular pranayama technique. In light of our theme, we suggest keeping things simple. For the next 30 days try this one tip:

As soon as you wake up in the morning, before you get out bed, lay on your back or sit straight up with a soft gaze. Count even breaths, so four or five counts in and four or five counts out. Repeat this ten times. Then give yourself some love!

As time progresses you can add longer exhales or inhales; you can try alternate nostril breathing or something more advanced like lions breath! Just remember: to start a good habit we have to start simple. Carving out a few moments first thing in the morning will help you begin the day clearer and with more control.

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