Breath Practice to Reduce Worry

ON July 25, 2019

A quick practice to clear your mind of anxious worries.

For many people, anxiety seems to be an ever-present unwelcome guest.  Anxiety is on the rise, now the most common mental affliction in the United States.

Worry is a hallmark symptom of the anxious mind.  You spin your mental wheels imagining futures full of potential doom and gloom, thinking of the many ways you’re going to mess up or fall short.

Brahmari is a breathing practice that helps clear anxious worry from your mind.  Also known as the Bee’s Breath, it involves creating a humming sound like the sound of bees.   Brahmari helps calm your nervous system and can help induce sleep, which is helpful for anxious folks whose sleep is often disturbed.

Breath Practice for Anxiety

Breath Practice for Anxiety

Breath Practice for Anxiety

You can strengthen the calming effect of the Bee’s Breath by adding a mudra called Shanmukhi Mudra.  For this, bring the first two fingers of each hand together as one, and rest them lightly over your closed eyes.  Let your ring fingers rest on your face just above the upper lip like a mustache.  Let the pinky fingers rest lightly on the chin below the lower lip.  Use your thumbs to plug your ears, by foldinging the little flap of cartilage over the ear canal.

Breath Practice for Anxiety

Dr. Domonick Wegesin is a yogi-neuroscientist-dancer with a bent towards meditation and the healing arts. He moved to the Bay Area from New York City where he conducted neuroimaging research focused on the aging brain, as a Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at Columbia University. Domonick now trains the brains and bodies of his yoga students, helping them wake up to their mental, emotional and physical experience in a way that cultivates awareness, acceptance and ease.


Yoga for AnxietyLike this practice? Learn more with Domonick in his upcoming Yoga for Anxiety workshop series beginning Sunday, November 6. In this workshop series, learn to use yogic breathing and mindfulness meditation as tools to work with life’s anxieties. Discover simple techniques to manage apprehension and nervousness so that it doesn’t interfere with your pursuits and dreams.


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