This is Dedicated to Everyone in a Hurry

ON February 5, 2015

By Sparkle Thornton


Why is it so hard to slow down?

When I imagine slowing down it reminds me of a time when life was simpler and cheaper. I begin to wonder how much self-care, meditation, and yoga it would take to truly balance out the stress of modern urban life. But what’s underneath the idea of slowing down? For me it’s scarcity- the idea that if I treat myself to massages, healing sessions, yoga workshops and all the ‘retreats’ that I desire there won’t be enough…. money for bills, time for responsibilities, and chances to ‘catch up’.

Kameko and I share this, and we’re wondering whether this is the truth, or just pressure we feel. We want to keep that rebellious spirit that believes there is a way to truly live in alignment- a peaceful life that serves and inspires others while caring deeply for the body/mind/spirit in a way that allows us to do our best work.

Is it possible to be ‘still’ within the city? For moments, sure.. but can we claim enough time to experience our spiritual selves? Can we detach with love from the pace, pressure and productivity around us?

Let’s make a space to try it! That’s what the Blissful Body workshop is to us: An idyllic container for letting go, receiving, and escaping from the business.

I think we’re all wishing for an environment that feels spacious and slow while we lead busy, uptempo lives. Some of us have even gotten good at ‘getting’ it done’… whether that’s dinner, the day, or yoga practice. But life is to short, and the busier you are the faster life flies by.


The other day I was pulling away from a loved one to check my email. I was that distracted, totally missing the point. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss one of these ‘special moments’. I wish I had slowed down. Slowing down is going to be uncomfortable. In fact, sometimes I think happiness is uncomfortable, but what we need doesn’t always make us feel good… at first.

So we’ve created this workshop. Dedicated to anyone who is in a hurry, and especially for those willing to try something new.

Kameko and Sparkle invite you to explore what happens when you choose self-care, self love, and the art of receiving. Please join us in exploring why it can be so hard to slow down. This workshop is mostly restorative yoga with massage therapists offering therapeutic touch, some gentle flow (beginners very welcome), hot stones, aromatherapy, chanting, and a musical surprise.

Kameko Sparkle Hannah
Photo by Adam Kurzfeld

Join us for Blissful Body with Kameko Shibata

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