Be fearless: Fall Cleanse Q+A

ON September 19, 2018
Ayurvedic Fall Cleanse with Kameko Shibata

Q+A with Ayurvedic Practitioner Kameko Shibata

Why cleanse in the fall? 

The theme of this cleanse is nourishment! Summer is fun, hot, dry and full of play. All the can leave up feeling pretty depleted in the fall. The dry and windy nature of Fall is deeply taxing for the skin, joints, nerves and adrenals. In Ayurveda, Indian classical medicine, we practice gentle detoxifying practices and then nourish and rebuild our tissues. It’s also a great time re-set from summer. Fall can be irregular- weather is hot then cold, schedules shift, so it is the perfect time to create more regular and balanced routines.

Will I be eating only cabbage for a week?

No, that would be boring and likely to give you gas.

What will I be eating?

Red lentils, or moong beans, quinoa, non-soy miso soup, cooked greens, cilantro, medicinal pesto, AVOCADO, fruit on its own.

What won’t I be having?

Alcohol, refined sugars, caffeine, meat, excess social media.

Is it all about food?

No, thank you for asking. Food is part of it, but cleansing is an ancient Ayurvedic art, that includes the mental and emotions systems as well as the physical body. You will be asked to do a guided daily meditation and pranayama practice to sooth the nervous system. You will be asked to practice self care- oilinate your skin and use a neti pot. You will be asked to journal/reflect on your patterns and emotions related to food, stimulants and self-care. This cleanse is a holistic experience!

Is this a fad diet?

No, Ayurveda is a lifestyle. Most yogis/ayurvedic practitioners/ spiritual followers, abstain from sugars, caffeine, alcohol, gluten most if not all of the time. I hope you find the food to be delicious and cleansing, and the self-care practices to be something you will continue to use over time. It can just be nice to have some quick-start support, which is what the cleanse does.

Will I be fasting?

Nope, its healthier to keep the digestive system working at a slower reduced rate than to suddenly shut it off altogether. There is an option to only take liquids (miso, broth, soups, juice) for one day, but I only recommend that to more kapha/pitta clients, or if you have the day off. No major work deadlines on juice!

Will I lose weight?

Depends on how different this diet is to your normal diet. The goal is not to lose weight, this is an opportunity to cleanse and relax the system not lose weight. if you struggle with weight what this cleanse offers is an opportunity to cut back on unhealthy habits to notice where you have patterns and attachments to food. Going forward you might not choose to use so many foods/substances that trigger you.

Will it be hard?

The first 3 days are usually the hardest especially if you are cutting out caffeine and sugar for the first time in awhile. those affect our endorphin levels and we feel bummed without them. After about 3 days your body normalizes and you no longer feel so cravey and dependent of substances. This is why its nice to do it with the support of a group. We can email each other-like “damn I was crabby, but now I’m feeling better”

Will I levitate?

Not likely, although if you fast you might fall over . But it could happen. I do believe in possibilities!

What if I miss a meeting?

The final meeting is not a big deal, its just a post fun celebration. If you need to miss the main first meeting email me, I maybe able to phone/email chat with you to get you up to speed.

What if I need to cheat on Wednesday?

Do it with grace! Choose your poison.

What if I’m raw..gluten free…vegan etc?

Email me before it starts we can work around it. The cleanse is already gluten free and vegan (although you have the option of ghee) Raw is a little harder, as ayurveda is all about cooked , simple,warm and easy to digest foods, but it would be a fun challenge.

What will I tell my friends?

That you are taking a week to reset your digestive system, and balance your mental and emotional health to come out of summer feeling grounded and nourished. Ask them to join you. Tell them you are taking responsibility for your own health.

What will I feed my kids?

This maybe the hardest one. Try to have some things pre-made for them. Kids may not like lentils, but the veggie pesto, fresh fruits, miso soup you can often get them to go for. Explain what you are doing so they feel included and interested. Try not to yell at them in the first 3 days!

basil-829776_640 *Go to Hydration Pesto Recipe:  blend like regular pesto in a food processor adding oil as you go. You can add water to thin it out but you must eat it within 3 days if you use water. Use this pesto as a dip w/ veggies or a smear for wraps or thin it out w/ extra olive oil or water for a dressing.

  • 1 bunch cilantro
  • 1 bunch basil (if in season)
  • ¼ bunch dandelion greens or arugula
  • 1 fennel bulb
  • ½ RAW seeds or nuts (tahini also makes it super creamy)
  • 1-2 juiced lemons
  • olive oil , spices, salt and water to taste



After reading this you will probably feel ready to join up for Kameko’s Fall Cleanse that begins Saturday, September 29. Don’t be scared, join us in changing your habit and in turn positively influencing your life! Sign up for Kameko’s Fall Cleanse here. 

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