Ayurvedic Spring Practice

ON April 12, 2019
Ayurvedic Spring Practice

As we are interconnected with Mother Nature, we can more powerfully keep in tune with ourselves by attuning to her seasonal rhythms. In Ayurveda, Spring is the season to consider ridding the body and mind of some ‘ama’ to experience the highest and brightest energy of spring.

Ama describes the toxic waste, sticky gooey sludge that builds up in the channels of the body.

This occurs when your digestive fire (agni) becomes weak due to improper food combining, too many cold liquids mixed with your meals, overeating, stress, or a compromised immune system. Our body, just like nature, needs space. The lack of space in the digestive channels eventually leads to slower movement of food down the GI tract and decreased absorption of the essential nutrients from the food we eat. In Ayurveda we believe that protecting your digestive fire is the most important factor in maintaining your physical and mental health and will be the primary discuss for our workshop.

Typical treatments to move ama out of the body include one or all of the following practices:

  • Elimination diet
  • Sweating
  • Oil massages
  • Yoga asanas

Consider including a yoga sequence like this into your practice this month to help improve circulation, increase your core temperature, and reduce ama in the body.

Ayurvedic Spring Practice

Ayurveda for SpringJoin Melina for her upcoming Ayurveda for the Spring workshop, on April 28, which will cover all of the poses listed below and more!

  • Sun salutes
  • Joint rotations
  • Wide leg lunges
  • Kapalabhati breathing
  • Squat variations

Melina Meza has been sharing her knowledge of Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda, and whole foods nutrition with yogis around the world for over 20 years. Melina pioneered Seasonal Vinyasa, an innovative multi-disciplined approach to well-being, and is the author of the Art of Sequencing books, creator of the Yoga for the Seasons – Fall Vinyasa DVD, and co-director of 8 Limbs Yoga Centers 200- and 500-Hour Teachers’ Training Program in Seattle, Washington. Join Melina for her public classes at Namaste.


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