Ayurvedic Cleansing 101

ON September 26, 2014

If the idea of a cleanse makes you cringe – keep reading.  Forget crazy diets or extreme measures and let yourself be cradled by the sweet embrace of Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda, a 5,000 year old ancient medicinal tradition from India, is a lifestyle. Ayurveda emphasizes re-establishing balance in the body through diet, lifestyle, exercise, and body cleansing, and on the health of the mind, body, and spirit. Participating in an Ayurvedic cleanse is not just about losing weight or resetting your digestion – it can be an opportunity for an entire lifestyle shift.

Timing is also important for cleanses. The dry and windy nature of fall is deeply taxing for the skin, joints, nerves and adrenals. Ayurveda is the perfect system to support your graceful transition from hot, full and dry summer into a more balanced fall. This is why Kameko Shibata is offering a 10-day Ayurvedically inspired cleanse that will leave your body, mind, and spirit nourished for the season ahead.

Still curious about if a cleanse is something you should commit to?

Here is a little Q & A to help calm the mind’s questions:

Will we be fasting?

Nope, its healthier to keep the digestive system working at a slower reduced rate than to suddenly shut it off altogether. There is an option to only take liquids (miso, broth, soups, juice) for one day , but I only recommend that to more kapha/pitta clients, or if you have the day off. No major work deadlines on juice!

What exactly is on the menu? 

Forget any ideas about only eating lettuce and water. Instead, imagine a delicious plate of red lentils and rich cooked greens or an afternoon snack of fresh fruit. During this Ayurvedic inspired cleanse you will be eating whole foods packed with nutrients like miso soup and quinoa with medicinal pesto and fresh cilantro. The idea is not to starve your system, but rather refresh through a balanced diet that will give your digestive system a break and nourish you from the inside out.

lentils and cooked greens

What won’t I be having?

Think anything that is toxic to the body or mind. This includes alcohol, refined sugars, caffeine, meat, smoking, and excess social media. Although these things in small doses are acceptable on a day to day basis, this cleanse will give your body the opportunity to heal from any chronic use, allowing you to start your relationship with these items with a clean slate (if you even choose to return!).

Why cleanse in the fall?

The heat and celebration of summer leaves us very dry and depleted. Then fall, vata time of year, hits full force, super busy, dry, transitions everywhere! It’s essential to ground, hydrate and nourish our bodies so we can handle the fullness of transition with grace!

Is it all about food?

Nope! Food is part of it, but cleansing is an ancient Ayurvedic art, that includes the mental and emotions systems as well as the physical body. You will be asked to do a guided daily meditation and pranayama practice to sooth the nervous system. You will be asked to practice self care- oilinate your skin and use a neti pot. You will be asked to journal/reflect on your patterns and emotions related to food, stimulants and self-care. This cleanse is a holistic experience!

Neti Pot

Will I lose weight?

Depends on how different this diet is to your normal diet. The goal is not to lose weight, this is an opportunity to cleanse and relax the system not lose weight. if you struggle with weight what this cleanse offers is an opportunity to cut back on unhealthy habits to notice where you have patterns and attachments to food. Going forward you might not choose to use so many foods/substances that trigger you.

Will it be hard?

The first 3 days are usually the hardest especially if you are cutting out caffeine and sugar for the first time in awhile. Caffeine and sugar affect our endorphin levels and we feel bummed without them. After about 3 days your body normalizes and you no longer feel so strong cravings or a dependency on toxic substances. This is why its nice to do it with the support of a group. We can email each other words of support and advice for what is helping us each to stay focused.

What will I tell my friends? How do I deal with going out? 

Tell your friends and loved ones that you are taking a week to reset your digestive system, and balance your mental and emotional health. You can explain that as you come out of summer and into Fall you want to feel grounded and nourished. Ask them to join you. Tell them you are taking responsibility for your own health. If you end up going at it alone, know that this is not forever. It is one week that will set you up for months of healthier living.

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