Ashram-ing in Place with Ken Breniman

ON May 11, 2020
Ashram-ing with Ken

For notes on living our best lives while we shelter in place, we checked in with our resident Namaste therapist and instructor, Ken Breniman. It’s been a long time for all of us here in the Bay Area, as we stay in our houses and reassess our lives. We hope to inspire you with how our instructors are navigating these strange times.

“For me, these past nine weeks have been filled with challenges and opportunities.

Ashram-ing with KenAs a yogi with extroverted tendencies, shifting to virtual yoga classes and individual yoga therapy sessions has allowed precious connections to continue during the pandemic, yet I still miss in person interactions.   Interestingly, I get to share yoga and singing bowls with people all over the globe as the virtual yoga studio allows people from far away to join my classes.   Perhaps the best part is, we each get to visit one another’s homes (virtually), which adds a unique form of intimacy (like when a pet playfully joins a student on their yoga mat!).

As best we can, we are all enlivening the OM in zoOM.

As we each sit in our own cocoons, the imaginal cells which help transform a caterpillar into a butterfly have been activated in every single one of us.  The ego may not be completely content with its caterpillar status but the ego so seldom is on board with the icky, messy ‘there’s no going back’ process of metamorphosis especially when we are uncertain what waits for us on the other side. This is not going to be easy, and I suspect some of us are struggling way more than we might be willing to admit. I sense there is a stirring below the surface allowing each of us to see what mantra, gift, or practice might align with our desired path.

I hope each of you finds a way to reassure your fearful heart.  I hope you have found some grounding and can hold your composure in the current situation, and that you reach out and share your approach with those around you. I am optimistic you will find a mantra or practice, which can be a beacon of light in the most stormy of nights.


Ken’s Triple Enough Mantra:

I am enough (to counter any sense that I am not doing enough in the world right now)

There is enough (to remind us of abundance)

That’s enough (stated compassionately and firmly to any negative self talk that might add doubt and to make space for affirmations)


Rinse and repeat frequently.

Ashram-ing in Place

While ashram-ing in place, I am committed to deepening my commitment to health and business development. I have deepened  my outdoor hiking and jogging practices as well as engaged in some online professional development endeavors.  My new website is up along with my new logo!

Find Ken on our weekly public schedule here. You can also find him for an upcoming Instagram Live on our @ilovenamaste channel. He will be offering a Mindful Mini-Practice Journaling Exercise for an Optimistic Outlook. Join us on Monday, May 25 at 3pm or find the practice on our IGTV after it airs.

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