Deepen Your Practice: Honoring Deities

ON July 17, 2014

by Nubia Teixeira

Within the world of symbols, myths and mystery, we can find the keys to the gateways of the Divine Beings. This Divine Realm is believed to exist within ourselves; as we learn to see these Deities as different facets of own personality and complexity, reflecting their Light and their qualities upon us. Like the Light of the Sun that reflects many different colors upon a crystal clear prism.

These same Beings are believed to exist in the Celestial Realm, an abode of Goodness and Benevolence from where they attentively watch after us, supporting us in our journey as humans and orienting us towards our spiritual evolution. The access to this Sacred Realm is first and for most granted by their Grace; “When the time is right the ripe fruit simple falls from the tree and the patient Bhakta (devotee), simply sits under the tree and waits – Shyam Das”.
There are many different practices that come from Bhakti Yoga – The Yoga of Devotion and Love – that will support a practitioner to evoke the blessings and presence of these archetypal forces within themselves. Drinking from this Well will inspire your yoga practice immensely.

“When the time is right the ripe fruit simple falls from the tree and the patient Bhakta (devotee), simply sits under the tree and waits – Shyam Das”.


I started practicing yoga at the age of 16 in Brazil and my first Yoga Training was thru the University of Yoga in Sao Paulo (Mestre DeRose) when I was 18 years old (1990) My first understanding of the deities of the hindu pantheom was historical, archetypal and although we were practicing mantras and mudras, they were not infused with devotion. It was not until later on in 1997 when I started dancing Odissi (classical indian dance from Orissa- India), that I began to develop a different relationship with these beings. Dancing for them and infusing the mudras with sentiment, made a home for them in my heart and I feel that an infinite flow of abundance took place in my awareness. I say that with Odissi, Lakshmi visited me and opened my eyes to the countless blessings I have experienced since then.

By learning more Mudras, some Mantras and specific Pranayamas that are related to some Gods and Goddess will enrich your Hatha Yoga practice. It will bring a depth and meaning to what you do thru your physical body, awakening the colors of emotions, feelings and the purity of the elements within.

In the Bhakti Nova Day Long I will be sharing my experience and understanding of the deities of the hindu pantheon which be the foundation for this work. Their symbols, stories and Mantras, and a specific Asana for each one of the seven main deities. Hopefully these inspirational keys will bring more beauty to your practice and life and open your awareness to the Infinite Source of Light and Gifts of Remembrance.


Symbolizes: Breaking Barriers – Opening New Phases – Destroying Obstacles – Bringing back the Dharma – Truth as the Master Key – Grounding – Foundation – Materialization.

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A Brazilian-born yogini Nubia has devoted herself to teaching different aspects of Yoga for the past 22 years. Perceiving Yoga as a Healing Art, Nubia’s refinement and devotion to this ancient practice is reflected in her unique teaching, overflowing with heartfelt compassion and inspiration. A longtime dancer in the classical Indian dance tradition Odissi, Nubia joyfully infuses her classes with it’s symbology and sacred geometry. She is the author of the CD “Pranayama: May Breath Be Our Prayer”, released by Sounds True.

Heart Flow Yoga is based on Bhakti and Hatha Yoga. In the heart of devotion we honor the physical body as an instrument of service. Flowing thru asanas, pranayama, prayer and mudras we begin to awaken the internal ocean of feelings, emotions and transformation, tuning into our divine purpose .

Nubia will be leading two retreats this year:
Sunday, July 27 | Bhakti Nova: A Day Long Retreat
Friday, September 5 – Sunday, September 7 | Women’s Yoga and Thai Massage at Harbin Hot Springs


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