6 Great Holiday Gifts Under $40

ON December 18, 2014
[Branded tee is made locally by organic, fair-trade company Groceries. You can find all our branded gear at all three studios. Black Namaste Long Sleeve Tee $40]

We know that the holidays can be a stressful time and often finding the perfect gift for people only adds to the challenge. At Namaste we have three boutiques, each with their own unique inventory of special, locally made, thoughtful gifts. We wanted to ease some of your stress by offering our favorite suggestions for gifts under $40!

These are perfect for friends, co-workers, and anyone you love who you feel deserves something unique this year for the holidays:

EarthBody Sacred Skincare Travel Oils:

$10 Each (or $50 for 5-Set with travel case)

EarthBody Travel
These travel size versions of our EarthBody dry oils are the perfect gift for the person in your life who loves to indulge in self care. Each petite bottle is crafted with only the finest herbs and organic ingredients made by healers locally in EarthBody’s San Francisco Apothecary.

Pocket-Size Brass Deities: $24 and up

Small Statues
These small deity statues are the perfect stocking stuffer. Choose from a variety of styles and deities (including larger sizes!). Hindu deities are a great addition for a home alter and help to remind us of the yogic principles taught in hindu stories.

Sacred Ornate Journals: $12-24

For the writer in your life, these journals are not only beautiful but functional too. The medium sized versions come with beautifully detailed clasps that keep all your secrets locked inside the ornately decorated cover.

Delicate Gold Bracelets: $30 and up

When these bracelets first arrived everyone at the studio was in awe. They are a beautiful, finely crafted accessory that goes with almost anything. Both dainty and industrious feeling they are a great gift to compliment any style!

Colorfully Painted Ornaments: $16-25

Looking for a great gift for a holiday gift exchange or your favorite ornament lover? Check out these amazing, rich, colorful ornaments in all shapes and sizes. Not featured in the picture are also some awesome dreamcatchers to hang on your tree!

Palo Santo Mantra Bundles: $15

Palo Santo
Palo Santo is a wood which burns easily and is often used, much like sage, to clear out energy and harmonize a space. These sweet bundles are each etched with a special intention and come in packs of three in a burlap sack stamped with our signature logo. Trust us, they smell just as sweet as they look!

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