5-Minute Evening Practice to #UnfoldYourTruth

ON May 15, 2017

This month our goal is to recognize our core values and align our actions in a way that brings out our most authentic self.  We have been meditating on this process and want to share a quick practice you can do at night, even while brushing your teeth if you would like!

Step One:

Create a list of 5-10 core values that help guide your life. Pick up one of our lotus flowers at the studio or simply make a checklist for yourself.

Step Two:

Commit to one week of nightly “check-ins” where you sit with the list and reflect on your day.

Step Three:

Carve out 5-10 minutes of time to think about each core value on this list. Write one to two sentences (even fragmented thoughts!) down on paper about how well you felt you did living up to these values. What challenges did you face? What came easily?

At the end of your week reflect back on your nightly notes and honor the amazing effort you’ve put forth towards living with more attunement! It’s easy to get worn down and distanced from the things that matter most to us. Living with EMPOWERMENT is about guiding ourselves gently and sweetly back to our most authentic way of life. Give yourself some love and TLC for all of the good you did this week.

Keep it close. Hang on your bathroom mirror, desk at work, or in our studio to see when you come in for class!

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