3 Reasons Yoga is Perfect Birth Prep

ON October 2, 2014

Preparing to give birth is an incredibly exciting and complex time. At Namaste, we are fortunate to have a thriving community of prenatal and postnatal mommies who continue to gather to celebrate the gift of life and the beauty of yoga. We love finding new ways to help our moms relax and flourish during this period of growth whether it is through our Prep for Birth workshops or creating a sacred space like our Namaste Lounge. Here are our top three reasons why yoga is our most recommended resource when preparing for birth:


Gentle movement and exercise are important during pregnancy. Many soon to be moms will realize that the exercise routine they had previous to becoming pregnant may no longer work with their new bodies. Yoga is a soft, nurturing way for pregnant women to become re-familiarized with their evolving bodies, increase overall vitality, and enhance both relaxation and mindfulness tools that can prove helpful in the delivery room. Yoga’s intimate way of achieving both exercise and personal connection to this special time in life is a gift which benefits include a boosted immune system, quicker recovery, and better sleep.


Whether it is a women’s first birth or not, having a new baby can bring up a lot of emotions, questions, and concerns. Having a strong community for support can be a lifesaver for new mothers. Prenatal yoga is a perfect way for women to connect with other like-minded mommies in the neighborhood. Having a community provides new moms with information that is tried and true. A strong network of prenatal and postnatal moms creates a forum where women can learn from each other and share what birth prep techniques have worked and which have not. Having more first-hand knowledge allows for the first time mothers to feel at ease and less fearful of the birthing process.


Love is such a huge part of the birthing experience. Self-love, new love for the baby, compassion and love for your partner and support group all are important for creating a healthy, happy atmosphere for baby’s birth. Yoga teaches how to let go of judgement and criticism and instead practice compassion for ourself and others. Prenatal yoga is optimal for keeping this compassion in the forefront. With a growing and changing body, it is easy for women to sometimes feel not as great as they did pre-pregnancy. Hormonal changes can lead to erratic thoughts, and achy muscles may leave women feeling worn out. A regular yoga practice is a gentle reminder to be kinder to one’s self and to continue to cultivate love and appreciation.



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