Ready for a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

Committing to a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training can be a powerful and transformative experience. That’s why choosing the right 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training training is so important. At Namaste, we offer a comprehensive and high-level program ensuring you have best 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training experience the Bay Area has to offer.

In our signature program, you will explore and learn the lifestyle, science, and philosophy behind building a personalized yoga practice and teaching career. Led by the Bay Area’s most experienced yoga teachers we uphold the highest level of safety standards and inclusivity practices.

What makes the Namaste 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training special?

Our core philosophy is this: make every day sacred.

This training speaks intelligently to the traditions and skillsets necessary for infusing your life with intention. Yoga is more than deepening your asana practice. We believe yoga is a portal that awakens and connects you to a more meaningful life.

Each detail of our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is designed to support you through an epic journey of self-inquiry, hard skill building, and strengthening of your total health and wellness knowledge. You will graduate with skills to lead with wisdom and integrity both on or off the mat.

200 hour yoga teacher training200 hour yoga teacher training200 hour yoga teacher training



Namaste’s 200 Hour Program is broken into two 100 Hour Modules, to be taken sequentially. Each Module is 10 weeks long and is separated by a winter break. This pacing is designed to allow space for integration of the learning and a deep transformation of your own practice. We have also found that this format is the most universally accessible to students with various other commitments.


Students will immerse in their own practice and the study of yoga. You will read classic yogic texts, discuss philosophy and the origins of the practice and how these values can be applied to modern living. You will also dissect asana alignment, learn the foundations of the physical practice and how to a create safe and sustainable practice. Expect to log a lot of hours on your mat, both at the studio and at home. Unlimited Yoga Membership at Namaste is included.


In this Module, you will build on the foundation created in Module I and begin to look at the practice of yoga through the lens of the teacher. You will learn about sequencing, curriculum building and modifying practice for various types of practitioners. You will also learn translatable skills of public speaking, articulating verbal cues and holding space. You will discuss ethics and bring to life the pillars of yoga philosophy. Ample space will be given to practice these skills in the safe environment of your peer class mates. Expect to continue your studentship on your mat as well as enter the classroom as an observer. Unlimited Yoga Membership at Namaste is included.


Full Tuition*: $3100 (July 1) / $3300 (Aug 15) / $3500 (Sept 15)

Single Module: $1800

*Three pricing tiers for early birds. Payment plans and scholarships are available.

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