A Weekend with Angela Farmer:
Reaching Down to Open Up

11 Hour Immersion with Angela Farmer

Saturday, October 7-Sunday, October 8, 2017
Namaste Berkeley

Join us for a rare opportunity to practice with world-renowned yoga teacher, Angela Farmer. In this weekend Immersion prepare for a deep inner journey of self-discovery. Learn to tune into your surroundings in more subtle ways so that you may develop a fluid and free-flowing connection with life around us.

During this weekend, you will meet yourself with curiosity and patience, creating space to explore empowerment in a meaningful way. You will find tangible ways to take root and stabilize your body and mind, harnessing the ability to remain grounded yet flexible in difficult situations. You will lean into the strength of your back body to gather power in moving through this world with compassion.

Come open and ready to soak in the experiences, stories and insights that Angela will lovingly share in this special weekend.

No partial enrollment; it is essential to attend both days.




* Notice of Cancellation must be made in writing by emailing tt@ilovenamaste.com. Cancellations made before September 8, 2017 will receive a refund minus $50 processing fee.  NO REFUNDS OR CANCELLATIONS AFTER 9/8/2017.

Angela Farmer was one of the first Iyengar teachers to visit America, training many of the future, and now well-established, American teachers. Her focus now is less concerned with form, technique, perfection, and presentation, so that the simple art of becoming present with undoing, releasing, opening and breathing may reveal the beauty, power and innate joy of life.

Asanas are the outcome of feeling and moving on energy in many different directions. We are not so interested in the perfection of poses but rather your own personal and unique exploration. This is a process that takes us to places in our body that move easily and places that feel blocked, inactive or even painful. Respect and awareness within the map of our body does not force or hold expectations but simply allows a natural unfolding. As we grow more connected with this process our mind reconnects to our bodies, emotions may release as we begin to experience the deep joy of being who we are.