Workshops with Pete Guinosso

Two special offerings

Pete Guinosso (E-RYT 500) helps students connect with their hearts. His gentle guidance and intuitive assists allow students of all levels to step out of their comfort zones and find their own authentic path in the practice. Pete’s classes offer strong, vigorous sequencing grounded in the breath and intention, and always leave room for playfulness and fun.

Practicing Loving Kindness, Hips, Shoulders + Neck

Sunday, October 1
Namaste Grand Lake

What better way to practice loving kindness than on our mat, with all of our injuries, inflexibility and imperfections? Discover freedom in your practice by learning how to cultivate loving kindness (and a sense of humor!) with some of the most difficult “spots” to reach: the hips, shoulders and neck.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Cultivate strength in your hips, neck and shoulders.
  • Utilize focused pranayama and asana to safely unwind habitual tight spots.
  • Strengthen and lengthen the muscles around the hip and shoulder joints, helping you walk through life with more grace and freedom.

You will leave this workshop prepared to bring the practice of loving kindness from your mat into your community with each conscious breath.


$55; $45 if registered by 9/23


*All payments are non-refundable, but may be converted into Namaste account credit (minus a $10 processing fee) if cancellation is received more than 72 hours before workshop.


The Art of Assisting

Sunday, November 12
Namaste Rockridge

Do you ever find yourself teaching from your “safety zone” (i.e. your mat), wishing you had the confidence to work the room and adjust your students? Or do you feel confident providing some assists but would like to learn new ways of supporting students as they deepen their experience on the mat? In this workshop, Pete will teach you how to open yourself energetically to provide healing adjustments in every pose.

At the end of this workshop, you will be better able to:

  • Read students’ energy to notice which assists they need and when.
  • Provide verbal and physical adjustments in any pose, helping students bring deeper awareness to their practice.
  • Create opportunities for spaciousness and release by helping students stabilize and deepen poses.
  • Help students align their bodies safely and comfortably.
  • Be attentive to, and work with, the first signs of resistance from your students.

Learn to assist with a mindful and compassionate touch and create a more trusting connection between you and your students.


$75; $65 if registered by 10/27


*All payments are non-refundable, but may be converted into Namaste account credit (minus a $10 processing fee) if cancellation is received more than 72 hours before workshop.

Drawing from his years as a scientist, Pete approaches his practice with a sense of curiosity and wonder. He also draws from what initially brought him to the yoga mat: over twenty five years of running, cycling, and competitive sports.  His light-hearted exploration of going deeper on a path that is both physical and spiritual has created a thriving community of yogis in the San Francisco Bay area and around the world.

Inspired by his love of travel and the outdoors, Pete offers a wide range of yoga adventures each year, around the world and close to home. His passion to guide students into their role as skilled, authentic yoga teachers and healers led him to create his signature Lighting the Path teacher training. Pete tours internationally for workshops, festivals, trainings and retreats.