the divine in me sees and honors the divine in you

Our Mission

Namaste’s mission is to empower our community with skills necessary for living a healthy, sustainable and sacred life. We internalize the importance of each individual’s journey and believe through the practice of yoga and wellness we can evolve together along our unique paths. In this pursuit to bring yoga to people we are dedicated to acting with integrity, compassion and inclusiveness. The heartbeat of our studio is our community and above all else we do what we do for you.


Namaste was founded with the idea of creating sacred spaces within our neighborhoods, urban sanctuaries, where students could come to develop not just a yoga practice but design a lifestyle centered on complete wellness. We believe yoga is for everyone and are proud to offer a robust program we hope speaks to the beautiful multiplicity represented by our Bay Area community.

Our Offerings

IMG_9585Namaste has served our community over a decade, cultivating an unparalleled local and nationally affiliated teaching staff. Our experienced instructors are poised to support and challenge you along each phase of your practice. Through daily classes, workshops, trainings, and wellness services we create opportunities to honor and strengthen ourselves from the inside out.

New Students and Intermediate Practitioners

If you’re just beginning, we offer several new student packages and workshops. Continuing students may find daily classes ranging from restorative yoga to vinyasa flow with over 150 classes a week between our three locations. Students who wish to go even deeper can enroll in weekly workshops, teacher trainings and immersions.  Mamas can find support through perinatal classes, workshops and bodywork.

Advanced Practitioners and Certified Teachers

We are proud to serve as a pillar in the yoga community helping mentor teachers . We have numerous trainings and immersions throughout the year aimed at helping teachers and advanced yogis shape, evolve and sharpen their practice. Studying under some of the world’s most renowned leaders we hope to help teachers create a philosophy and style unique to their interests and personalities.

WellnessSelf-Care and Wellness Treatments

Our philosophy is that health is developed holistically. In addition to movement classes, we provide wellness services at our Namaste Grand Lake and Berkeley locations. These offerings compliment a steady practice by allowing the body to repair itself while giving your mind some much needed TLC. Self-care off the mat is where all of our practices come to life and we encourage all students to explore our bodywork and acupuncture treatments.

Our Community

Namaste is deeply rooted in the communities of Oakland and Berkeley. Kimberly Leo, the founder and owner of Namaste, has been a lifelong resident of Oakland. Growing up on Lakeshore Avenue in the Grand Lake neighborhood, she is passionate about celebrating diversity and the social justice movements that make Oakland and Berkeley such notable hotspots for change and acceptance.

IMG_1719As an independent woman of color, Kimberly feels it is vital for us as yogis to continuously engage with communities who are less visible or served. Oakland is one of the most diverse cities in the country and in honor of this we are proud to do our part in cultivating equality and access to information on how to live a healthy life.

We offer several diversity scholarships to people of color who are interested in deepening their knowledge of yoga and wellness with the intention to spread awareness to underserved neighborhoods. In addition we have an ongoing SEVA program where we partner with local non-profits quarterly, donating our mat rental proceeds and helping raise awareness. In the gift of service we believe helping one person to cultivate health and wisdom will lead to a ripple effect felt through many communities who often lack the resources or knowledge of how to care for their bodies and minds.