Our Mission

Our mission is to honor and embrace each individual as they come through our doors by offering the highest quality yoga and wellness programs. We strive to do this with love, grace, compassion and respect. We serve the East Bay and greater San Francisco yoga communities and are dedicated to the health and well-being of our bodies, our community, and our planet.

All of the teachers and staff at Namaste want to help you on your path to becoming your wisest, most vibrant self – calm and resourceful in the face of any life challenge, a full participant in your work, your family, and your passions, and healthy and strong in your body AND your mind. We welcome you to our community!

Our Offering

Namaste is your urban refuge. Within our walls, you will find peace, tranquility, and nourishment for your body and for your soul. The key is our integrated approach to wellness and fitness. Our yoga studio services include yoga classes and workshops by local and national teachers. We also have a a full-service Wellness center and a retail boutique.

Yoga Practice

Namaste offers the highest quality instruction in many diverse styles of Hatha Yoga – from the more rigorous Power Yoga and Vinyasa Flow classes to the deeply soothing Anusara, Restorative, and Yin Yoga.

We have 3 beautiful yoga studio locations in Oakland and Berkeley that each offer a wide range of weekly class levels and styles to suit your temperament and level of conditioning, 7 days a week, 364 days a year.

We pride ourselves in having the most dedicated, talented and educated teaching staff in the entire East Bay. All of our instructors have been teaching for a minimum of three years, and are themselves wholeheartedly committed to their own development and self-practice.

Wellness Center

At Namaste, we believe in feeding the mind, body and spirit. Our Wellness Center is an extension of an integrated approach to wellness that we strive to cultivate for and through the Namaste community.

The Center offers a variety of bodywork modalities including acupuncture, Ayurvedic treatments, and acupressure as well as a full range of massage options: Thai, Prenatal, Sports, Cranial Sacral, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, and Swedish.

Teacher Trainings

In 2012, Namaste proudly began offering our signature Every Day Sacred Yoga Immersion and Teacher Certification program. This training was developed to provide our students an opportunity to deepen their practice and knowledge of both yoga and themselves. We also offer seasonal continuing education courses giving teachers an opportunity to build depth in specialized topics. We consider it a pleasure and our duty to continue to cultivate opportunities such as this so that we can help our students become the wisest, most vibrant beings that they can be.

Our Community

Come to Namaste a few times and you will begin to recognize the same smiling faces of your fellow yoga students. We pride ourselves on having consistent and knowledgeable staff so you will always be greeted by a familiar face. Our community is the heart of the studio. This is why Namaste is constantly developing new community events and programs like our free outdoor yoga classes, Mystic Moon events, and ongoing philanthropic Seva program. We want you to come through these doors and feel at home. This is your space, these are your people.