5 Reasons to Attend a Yoga Immersion

ON August 26, 2014

by Ashley Sharp
Every Day Sacred Co-Leader

Namaste’s Yoga Teacher Training is divided into two sections that can be taken independently of each other. The first half of the program is designed as an in-depth yoga immersion. Students have the opportunity to take the first half of the training and receive the professional level teachings on yoga without committing to the full training program.

Ashley Sharp TT BlogAlign:

Dive deep and detailed with asana alignment. Take a methodical look at the poses and body mechanics. You will learn modifications for your body and for common injuries. This is a wonderful investment in your practice that will pay off in the years to come.


Our physical and mental health require care and attention. Heal yourself with yoga.


Immerse:Ashley Sharp TT

Plunge into a broader depth of the yoga tradition than is offered in drop in classes. Learn about those mysterious bandhas and chakras. Have an opportunity to experience some of the other life changing practices of yoga such as mantra, meditation and pranayama. Place the modern phenomenon of yoga in an historical context.


Amazing things happen when a group of people commit to practice together over a specific amount of time. Connect with others interested in yoga. Offer and receive support from a community devoted to learning and transformation.

Ashley & Nubia TTTransform:

Commit to the transformative practice of yoga. Again and again I hear from students, “that training – yoga, changed my life.” Personal transformation comes to pass when we begin to remember to make Every Day Sacred.



Ashley Ashley Sharp, E-RYT began teaching yoga at the turn of the century.  She is known for her wit, practicality, and tenderness as an instructor. She grew up dancing, and brings to her classes a lifetime of body-knowledge and wisdom. She has studied yoga asana and philosophy in the United States and in India with Swami Dayananda, Erich Schiffmann, Patricia Sullivan and Sat Santokh Sing.

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